Gelato’s illusion of simplicity

Italians often use pageantry and great visual displays to promote products. Typical gelaterias boast bright colors and heaping mounds of gelato through windows to attract customers. Not Ciampini.


Ciampini stores its gelato in metal bins behind a bar. Keeping the gelato closed keeps it as fresh as possible. These bins are also easy to remove to replace the quickly sold gelato.


In this case, the spectacle of the gelato is the quality. The duller, less vibrant colors of the gelato shows it is not artificial. My pistachio ice cream was not bright green. It was a very pale color with the main green being bits of actual nuts. The taste is smooth, yet rich. It’s the paradox of Italian culture. Simply beautiful, yet not effortless by any means.


Chocolate is dark in color but by natural. No milk chocolate here because the darker the better. While the flavor is so heavy with chocolate, the texture is so light that you don’t feel like you are eating straight up sugar.

Many others opted for whipped cream on their gelato. Cream is not as sweet as what we are accustomed to in America because it is not artificially sweetened. If anything, the whipped cream could be compared to a palette cleanser in between bites of gelato, to remind you of the deeply delicious gelato you are enjoying. What is your favorite gelato flavor?

1 thought on “Gelato’s illusion of simplicity”

  1. I really like all the photos on your blog. They are all very clear and framed well. You’re right about the pageantry of other gelato shops. I think many of them need to tone it down a few notches like this amazing Gelateria you found. After reading your blog I want to go there and try it out for myself. This picture of the gelato looks so good 😛


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