JFRC Week 3: Orvieto, football, midterms, and not mono 

Since we had to make up class on Friday, most JFRC students stayed in the area for most of the weekend. I ventured to Orvieto for the day. It’s a small town on a hill that’s an hour by train north of Rome. Even though I missed my train by 5 minutes and had to purchase the next train for 10€ more, I got a sleeper car so at least I could sleep on the way.

After the train, I had to take a furnaculare up the hill. I instantly fell in love with the view. The best way to describe it is humbling.

           I was able to explore the town in less than 2 hours, and other than their main shopping street Corso Cavour, I was able to see their beautiful Duomo. Seriously incredible.

 After returning to my starting point, I read for awhile while enjoying the view.

Then I tried cheesy pizza my first time here, and it was worth it. I will never get over the fact that all pizzas here are personal pizzas!

Since my pizza was spicy, I just had to have some gelato to cool down. Amareno and cheesecake. Perfetto.

Throughout my day, I had several people stop me for directions- in Rome and Orvieto. Maybe it was because I was alone? Someone thought I was French, so I really am not sure where they get it from.

A lot of people seemed surprised I traveled alone, but I loved the day of solitude. I’m sure I’ll write a blog on that later.

On Sunday, I had to catch up on my sleep. As much as I want to go go go, my immune system can’t handle that unfortunately! In the evening, I got to go to my first football (soccer) game with AS Roma versus Palermo.

We began at the Ponte Milvio area with street food. Everyone here was belligerently drunk, and we got borderline harassed by some very inebriated Italians. Whoever said soccer games were dry events was full of shit.

We had the best gelato yet, in my opinion. I’m not even sure what I ordered. I think it was biscotti and some kind of Nutella concoctions. OMG.

Then we walked to the Olympic Stadium for the game. One of my friends bought a flag, so naturally I was the obnoxious one waving it around. This was fun for about 30 minutes before the game, then my immune system crashed again, and I was ready for bed.

       It was interesting that the visiting team required so much security. They were sectioned off with guards at multiple perimeters to prevent any violence. AS Roma lost, so it was a pretty boring game.

Everyone was smoking here. My immune system says grazie.

Monday and Tuesday were spent on midterms. Already?!

Tuesday for class we traveled to Eataly. It is very similar to the one in Chicago. It’s a little out of the way and seems tourist-y, but it was still awesome to see. All of the desserts seem too beautiful to eat. The meat and seafood is so fresh! I felt like I walked into the ocean when I saw all of the freshly killed fish. I got a really good pastry that I, of course, forgot the name for. It was a chocolate bread with cream in the middle. Nom nom nom.

   Tuesday night was our first soccer game at JFRC. It was surprisingly a lot of fun. My team won, so of course it was really fun.

Afterwards, I’m pretty sure all of JFRC went to Scholar’s Pub. It was so packed, but it was a blast. Quality photos? Not so much.


Wednesday night we went back to Ponte Milvio for euro drinks. I opted for chips with Andalouse sauce.

I’m still trying to catch up on sleep so I can feel a little better. Per usual. This is my last weekend traveling Italy: Assisi, Florence, and Pisa. I’ve been planning my Pisa pic for months. Stay tuned.

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