JFRC Week 4: Gelato is always a good idea, except when you’re drunk

It’s crunch time. School-wise (wasn’t I just dealing with this back home?) and Rome-wise, realizing that there’s still so much we want to do. As for managing time, it’s a constant battle between needing to sleep, wanting to have fun in Rome, and trying to keep up with summer school. 

On Monday evening, we went out to eat in Trastevere for my friend Megan’s birthday. We ate at a place called Tony’s and ate some of the best family-style food since being in Italy. Bruschetta, fried calamari and octopi (best EVER), pasta that reminded me of Olive Garden’s 5 cheese zita al forno but obvi way better, chicken Parmesan, and shared desserts of tiramisu and rice pudding. It was all to die for, and it was only 20€ per person. If you are ever in Rome, I highly recommend.

 Afterwards, we got a little turned around in Trastevere but we found Cioccolata e Vino, a chocolate bar. It’s not exactly a bar, but it’s pretty cute.

The cup is made of chocolate, it is filled with your choice of liqueur, topped with whipped cream and chocolate garnishes, and to consume, you place it in your mouth and eat it all at once. Weirdest shot ever.

From there, we stopped at G-Bar, a typical American bar for study abroad students. It was packed, and most of my drink ended up on the people around me while I was trying to leave the bar. Everyone was able to drink outside in the area surrounding the bar, so it was cool to enjoy a drink in the breezy summer evening.

It was an adventure trying to find a bus per usual, so we ended up walking most of the way. We saw we were already back at the Vatican, so of course we had to stop at the Secret Bakery. It’s not actually a secret and it isn’t actually named that, but it is a hidden little bakery that serves to the late night crowd and makes fresh goodies at midnight. I got another of these uber-creamy croissants that had a surprise Nutella dollop in the center. I got Nutella Bombas for Kelsey, which she said were amazing. They also had Pope cookies! Kelsey got those for me on Wednesday while I was stressing over flights. She’s the bomb.

   Tuesday evening was another night for Calcio soccer. It was so much fun and it’s even more fun winning. Duh.

Afterwards, we went out. We decided to start at Abbey Pub which offers cheap American-style drinks to typical Americans. I got a tequila sunrise and a free shot from some guy who just got engaged.

 We were right across from my favorite gelato place, so of course I wanted gelato, despite having a few drinks. This very top-heavy gelato broke in my hands and left me baffled. The video is too funny.


The owner was kind enough to make me a new one, this time without the chocolate dip so that it wouldn’t break. I had the Frigidarium classic flavor with almond.

Then I finally convinced everyone to come clubbing with me! We went to Shari Vari and had a blast dancing the night away. Most people originally wanted to leave early but had so much fun that we stayed way longer. Yayayay.


On our bus ride back, some Italian teenagers rushed the bus and chanted/serenaded/entertained us on the ride back.



Wednesday, there were difficulties with my flights, and I was stressed. I digress.

Thursday, we went to the Trevi Fountain to get a picture and make our wishes to head back to Rome. Unfortunately, the construction is even stricter than it even was when we first arrived, and we were nowhere close to the fountain. We didn’t throw coins to make our wish, but we all decided we would return in 4-5 years (when we’re making bank) anyway so we’re not worried.

 Afterwards, we had dinner at Osteria dell’Anima, one of my favorite restaurants in Rome. Loyola gets a bomb discount, so go Ramblers. Kelsey and I shared fried Italian vegetables drizzled in balsamic vinegar, then I had the famous pear pasta. It’s “jelly fish-shaped pasta” (I decided) is stuffed with cheese and pears and drizzled in a carrot sauce. OMG. Then unlike everyone else, I had to get my protein fix in so I ordered a chicken breast Roman style. This apparently means drenched in marinara with cooked peppers. The two breasts were huge by the way. All the gainz.

   For dessert, we tried Giolitti per recommendation. It was a busy, overwhelming experience. The flavors were so different and delicious, but the service turned us off a bit. I tried rice pudding (OMG) and the Roman Holiday (Vacanze Romane) flavor, which was a cream with a berry twist. I tried my friends’ cinnamon, and I regret not trying cinnamon with rice pudding. They also offered flavors like champagne, rose….

Then we headed to the Spanish Steps. We hung out on the steps for a little bit, but after being annoyed with alcohol vendors and realizing we had to be up in 5 hours and we hadn’t even packed yet, a few of us ventured home.




This morning, I left JFRC by 4:30am to catch my flight to Munich. I’m venturing to the homeland by myself, and I cannot wait to spend the weekend here. To be continued….

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