Instagram Isn’t Dead: What to expect from the new algorithm   

Your Instagram feed might currently be flooded with “turn me on” posts. No, we’re not getting sexual, we’re getting SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Ever wonder how Google can read your mind? SEO. If websites want to increase traffic to their websites, they include vital keywords and tags as well as quality content to ensure they’re reaching visitors at their individual moment of need. Google is continuously changing its algorithm which calculates the optimal search results. An algorithm exists to prevent information overload and to ensure no one is manipulating the game. What does this mean? Websites strive to make their pages as user-friendly as possible with the best content it can provide.

Okay, but what about my insta?

Facebook began changing its algorithm a few years ago instead of only displaying the most recent posts. There is not really an ulterior motive to this. Facebook is trying to improve user experience and prevent information overload. Instead of seeing that annoying friend from high school post status updates every 5 minutes, you see your friends and pages with high chances of you engaging. Social media engagement includes liking, commenting, and sharing.

Twitter is beginning to introduce its own algorithm. While still primarily having a reverse chronological feed, “while you were gone” ensures you don’t miss tweets. These tweets are based on what you typically like, retweet, or reply to. Again, algorithms are to improve user experience.

Instagram’s algorithm isn’t fully known yet since it is rumored to be released today. It will likely follow suit with other algorithms and suggest what you typically engage with. If you like your friends’ posts or comment on them, they should still show up in your feed. If you don’t like your friends’ posts, are you even their friend? Unless you have unusual social media habits, then the algorithm change should simplify your feed so you’re not mindlessly scrolling trying to keep up in real-time. Instead of going through and unfollowing irrelevant accounts, they simply won’t show up as often as before.

If you are a business and worried about losing presence, your concern should be your content quality. If you aren’t utilizing hashtags to reach new followers or providing worthwhile, engaging content to current followers, then you should probably rethink your strategy. Asking your followers to turn on notifications is only going to annoy those followers, and those followers that do subscribe are already engaged enough and won’t be losing you from their feeds anyway.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram only try to improve user experience because it is in their best interest as a business of their own. Instagram is on its way to being one of the most valuable platforms, so it’s not going anywhere. Don’t fret, Instagram will live on. It won’t just survive, it will thrive.


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