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Sweatworking Week: Sweating My Way Through Chicago

Since my first group fitness class freshman year four years ago, I have been in love with group fitness. For four years, I taught so many classes that I seldom had time to try others. This past year, since working at ENRGi Fitness and becoming involved with Nike Training Club, I began trying out new… Continue reading Sweatworking Week: Sweating My Way Through Chicago


Grand Canyon & Gettin’ Money: Vegas 2016

I began this blog as a travel journal, so naturally, I should record my experiences in Vegas verbatim, either for my memory and possibly for others' entertainment. A group of RAs from my floor remained very close even after our time working together and decided to try to travel together each year. Last year, the… Continue reading Grand Canyon & Gettin’ Money: Vegas 2016

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Wanderlust: Overcoming nostalgia with inertia

A recent, subtle trend has been being present in the moment. With the ever-growing presence of technology, it has become easier to not fully be there. Our minds are constantly preoccupied, and we lack the ability to fully appreciate the moment we are in. We are either preparing for the future or longing for the… Continue reading Wanderlust: Overcoming nostalgia with inertia