Clinton vs. Trump: Democracy seeking the ugly truth

It’s no secret that this election cycle has everyone thinking about politics and what it means for our future. I will say that I voted for Hillary Clinton in the spring and will definitely be in November. Still, I am constantly trying to think deeper into what this election means for the people of the United States.

So many of my peers aren’t voting because they don’t like either candidate. This does not mean that neither will win the election. This is only my second election, but Millennials are constantly encouraged to take advantage of the vote. As a democracy, if the people take advantage of their voting rights and do not vote, are they getting what they deserve? What would all of our ancestors think to see us throwing away our rights? Everyone who has fought so hard to vote in a democracy in a land by the people for the people would be so confused as to why people are not voting.

Some argue the electoral college is skewed. True. Some argue the bipartisan system is skewed. Very true. But, so what? Does that mean we’re going to let the system keep rotting?

I really truly try to empathize with others and see where they’re coming from. It’s been frustrating for me to do so this year. I don’t often want to promote that I’m #WithHer because honestly, I’m scared what that means for me professionally and how I will be viewed by peers. I see some people that are Trump supporters and am really disappointed, but I know that that goes both ways and they likely think the same of me. I don’t really care about being popular, but as a business student trying to network like crazy, it’s challenging.

I don’t get why people think Hillary Clinton is a criminal. Careless, possibly. Criminal? I don’t get it. But, if I did, why would that be worse than someone like Trump? Trump is outwardly a bigot that is prejudice, racist, sexist, and flat out mean. He has absolutely no political experience whatsoever. If it is almost guaranteed our country will be screwed, how can an alleged liar be worse?

My only explanation is that people are so tired of dishonesty. Think about all of the current beauty and fashion campaigns trying to reveal what real people look like. Think about Snopes. Think about how everyone is tired of fabrications. People want truth, even if that truth is ugly. I’ll never think that a woman’s body is ugly, but damn, the future with Trump as a president is ugly.

I try to assure myself that there’s no way Trump could actually win an election, but I know we can’t take anything for granted anymore. Look at the Brexit. In a world where we can now unsend Google emails and remove tattoos with lasers, we think our mistakes can be reversed. But, they can’t always. Trump could be impeached quickly as president, but I don’t know, man. The world is weird right now. We’re seeing the ugly sides of our country that we’ve been ignoring for too long now. Now is the time when we really need to reflect on what we want to change in the world. What are we doing today to change the world for the better? Do we focus on our country? Do we focus on global issues (mind you, not international — global)? I don’t think there is a right answer, but I think the wrong answer is to be so narcissistic and selfish. Now is the time that as individuals and as a country, we need to shed our pride and focus on the future.

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