Fitness: Always My Hobby, Maybe My Career

I’m very involved in fitness. It’s my lifestyle, it’s many of my part-time jobs, it’s part of my passion in life. When people think of me, they often think of the fitness-related posts they see on social media. However, when people ask about what I’m doing with my career, they always assume I mean fitness in the physical sense. “So you want to be a trainer?” Yes, I already am a trainer. I have been coaching for four years. I am an Assistant Manager at one of Chicago’s top fitness studios. I’m already there, and that has only been as side jobs to get me through school.

For most people, it’s difficult to understand that there is room to go up from there. I don’t have a degree in Exercise Science, and I’m glad I don’t. I have a degree in Marketing, and I’m pursuing a Masters degree in Marketing & International Business. But…why not do fitness? That’s what you’re good at?

Actually, you only see the fitness side of me because that is more exciting on Instagram than studying for finance exams and writing up digital marketing strategies. I only highlight the “glamorous” sides of my life because well, that’s social media for ya.

My goal is to do digital marketing for a fitness or sports company, but if I’m not, it’s not the end of the world. I have many other passions in life, which include exploration, empowerment, and education, as highlighted on my blog. As an entry-level marketing professional, I won’t always get to choose my clients. And when I do have clients, because of confidentiality, it’s not always something I can post about, even if it is somewhat glamorous. Regardless, fitness is my passion and hobby, and it can be forever even if I’m not professionally working in fitness.

I personally know what I want my careers to be in life, but I’m unsure of the order in which they will occur and what unexpected adventures will come my way. That’s the beauty of life. Still, I don’t feel an obligation to explain my career goals to anyone else, because I am aware that I’m not living a “cookie-cutter” life and it is difficult for others to grasp my intentions.

I know that no one purposely belittles me, but here is my blog confession that I am 7 months away from receiving my MBA and about to be a full-time #GirlBoss. If you’re curious what the hell I’m doing, please don’t assume. When in doubt, simply ask. 🙂

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