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This wEEEk with Mary K: 11/20/16

This week in Chicago is all about sweating to stay warm in the dropping temps, eating more nutrients than you knew existed, and embracing the holiday spirit with mindful spending. Check out this wEEEk with Mary K —


Every day since this summer, I’ve walked past construction on State Street. Finally, River North’s “healthiest building” is complete, first with True Food Kitchen. This casual chain focuses on local and organic ingredients and has many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Still, don’t think the flava is lackin’. Serving lunch, dinner, and brunch, there’s everything from “Kale Aid” juice, burgers (quinoa, turkey, and grass-fed), spaghetti squash casserole, to flourless chocolate cake. Beer, wine, bubbles, and cocktails are also offered. The price point is average for a mindful meal at about $15-25 per person. If you want a salad or bowl, you could get an equally delicious meal at the also new sweetgreen for $10, but you won’t be able to drink a Bloody Mary there. Priorities, ya know.

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This past week, the Christkindlmarkt at Daley Plaza opened, but Lincoln Park will open for its annual ZooLights this Friday, November 25 and for every weekend throughout December. For the first time, this year they will also have a Holiday Market on Tuesday, November 29 with all da goodies. The Market will cost $10 for tickets, but ZooLights is free and a perfect way to get your steps in while enjoying all things festive.


Black Friday is going to be big in Chicago (TBD if protests will disrupt like last year), but I am honestly very afflicted with these shopping events. Any ethical marketing team should be aware that Black Friday is going to fizzle out in the next several holiday seasons. Not only are these deals cheating most consumers, but my Jesuit-education reminds me that companies and brands should embody righteous values, which hopefully do not include mass materialism. Most Black Friday shoppers I’ve talked to say that they shop for themselves anyway and not for others. You might hear about Fair Trade Tuesday, probably from your friends that swear by Whole Foods. Count your blessings, binge-watch some Shameless with your loved ones, and be grateful for everything you already have. But, if you find a good deal for a DSLR camera, LMK.Image result for black friday chicago


Barry’s Boot Camp finally opens in Chicago this week! Right above True Food Kitchen, Barry’s is a boutique mega-chain comparable to SoulCycle, except it’s half treads and half strength training. This standard boot camp class has a registered trademark as “The Best Workout in the World,” so it is probably not so standard. With 25-30 minutes on their patented Woodway treadmills and another 25-30 minutes with free weights and other equipment, you’re sure to get a varied workout, especially since each day has a different focus (Monday is Arms + Abs, Tuesday is Butt & Legs, etc.). There are currently no new-member discounts, so drop ins will cost you $30. I’m taking a Monday 6AM class with Team aSweatLife, so I’ll be sure to share my opinions on if it’s worth the splurge!

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Yoga Six, my favorite yoga studio, is also opening next door to Barry’s, making me so sad that I’m (temporarily?) moving out of River North next month. This neighborhood is perfect for the #fitfam, foodies, creatives, and the partiers. So yes, I guess I will be only temporarily moving away to Lincoln Park. : )

What’d I miss? LMK what’s going on in your Chicago hood this wEEEk!

++ Mary K

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