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This wEEEk with Mary K: 11/27/16

This week in Chicago is all about the official start of the holiday season, giving back to those in need, using all that pie for fuel in the gym, and unsubscribing from everything tempting you this Cyber Monday. Check out this wEEEk with Mary K —


I touched on Christkindlmarkt last wEEEk, but now I must elaborate — I am of German descent, but I also started studying German in 7th grade, later hosting German exchange students (unfortunately being unable to “exchange” myself because of health conditions), and almost attended grad school there after visiting last summer. So yeah, I love all things German. Not only is the market so adorable and quintessentially festive, there are many gifts and yummies for you to try. I definitely recommend Gluehwein — if nothing else, for the collector’s mug. When you walk by the gingerbread roasted almonds, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Even though they aren’t German necessarily, you should still get some crepes. I’m all about pretzels, potato pancakes, and wurst, but come on — crepes! Also be sure to stock up on German Advent Calendars, which are one of my favorite holiday traditions. Every year, I try to get an ornament, either for me or a family member. I love getting pickle ornaments. Maybe the nieces and nephews in my family don’t appreciate this yet, but every year I’ll keep trying!

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Honestly, if you want to volunteer, you should want to do so all year long and not only during the holidays. However, I don’t always practice what I preach. One of my favorite places to volunteer is at Misericordia, a community in Rogers Park for people with developmental or physical disabilities. There are so many ways to volunteer, especially during the holiday season — baking cookies, being a “Secret Santa,” helping at a Christmas brunch, or even simply visiting Misericordia on Sunday for a yummy brunch. The best part is befriending everyone you work with — Misericordia truly has the “Best Buddies!”

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Luna Bars, your favorite overly feminine protein bar, is hosting LUNAFEST this Wednesday in Chicago. Tickets for the short film and discussion are $15 for students and $20 for post-grad adults, benefitting three local causes: Recovery on Water (ROW), Brave Initiatives, and Mission Propelle. Snacks are also being provided, and I’ll take a wild guess that they will include Luna Bars.

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This weekend, aSweatLife is taking over a CrossFit gym in Goose Island for Sweatworking at Atlas! Group fitness/Crossfit hybrid classes are growing in popularity, so this will be an awesome way to lift heavy shit without fully joining the cult of Crossfit. The goody bags have been chock full of yummies lately, so if nothing else, come for da goods.


P.S. If your email inbox is swamped with Cyber Monday deals even though you’re a broke bish trying to save money, check out Unroll.Me. You can thank me later.

Tell me what I missed and how you’re spending your wEEEk!

++ Mary K

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