The Cool Girl: Unapologetically Me

A comment I’ve been receiving a lot lately, especially since traveling, is that I’m “so cool.” My first reaction is always a definite, “No, I am not.” The more I hear it, the more it concerns me. The first to blame is social media. As a digital marketing student, it’s no secret that social media… Continue reading The Cool Girl: Unapologetically Me


Awaiting Adventure to Overcome Anxiety

Before any big adventure, I always get this strange feeling of anxiety. It's not the typical, negative anxiety that I often experience. It's a positive, excited feeling. While I'm not a daredevil or adrenaline junkie by any means, I love the feeling of getting outside of my comfort zone, and the anticipation often distracts me… Continue reading Awaiting Adventure to Overcome Anxiety


Make Every Day Your Best Day Yet: The Five Minute Journal

When Elisabeth first gave me a Five Minute Journal, I was a bit skeptical. I had journaled before — for about a year, every night before bed, I wrote down one thing I loved about myself. It was great, but after awhile I didn’t see the point in repeating myself over + over again. I’ve… Continue reading Make Every Day Your Best Day Yet: The Five Minute Journal