Commit to Yourself to Commit To Your Goals: 6 Tips for Improving Your Personal Integrity

As the season for New Year Resolutions begins, you might find yourself questioning why you didn’t follow through with your goals from a year ago. You may have had an awesome plan to crush your #FitGoals with full intention to do so, but you didn’t quite do what you said you had. If you’re searching for *motivation* to help you, you might be solving the wrong problem. Your problem isn’t motivation, but your commitment to act on your words.

We get it — commitment is difficult! When you’re in a period of your life trying to figure out what works + what doesn’t, it can be a challenge to commit to what works for you right now. We’re constantly reevaluating our priorities + defining our values, so if we’re trying to take it easy on ourselves, we don’t always want to restrict ourselves or avoid spontaneity. However, commitment + integrity are valuable traits for more than your #FitGoals, but also your academic, professional, + personal lives.

By improving your commitment + self-reliance, you strengthen your sense of self + identity. It’s a constant challenge, but here are some tips to build your internal + external integrity —


If you have specific habits, whether it’s not going to the gym [+ not working out!] when it’s cold, forgetting to pack a snack so you grab candy, or you don’t go to bed as early as you would like, be aware of those. Consider how you can be proactive to change these habits + not continue to procrastinate on your goals.


You know how awful it feels to have someone you love cancel last minute on your plans? Don’t cancel plans for yourself! If you’ve scheduled in #6AMCrew sweat sesh, don’t bail on yourself — especially last minute! If you need to reschedule, you are being proactive + still not giving up on yourself. But, waking up + deciding to press *snooze* only increases your leniency to do so again + again.


As much as you may want to say yes to everything, it’s not possible or beneficial to do it all. The more confident you are in saying no to others, the more confident you will become in saying yes to yourself. The more connected you are with your personal priorities + values, the more likely you are to act on your integrity.


We all have that little voice in our heads that guides our decisions. Consider how you speak to yourself + about others. Do you speak in a way that you are proud of — in a way that is confident + strong in your beliefs? Each time you catch yourself thinking in a negative way, be aware + take note of how it makes you feel.

In addition, be cognizant of how you speak with others. If others say no to your plans + say yes to themselves, do you try to peer pressure them into changing their mind? If you’re committed to yourself, you should also respect others’ commitment to themselves, which can look different to everyone. Peer pressure is still relevant as adults, so try to avoid that in efforts of maintaining your own integrity.


Obviously, ditch anyone who ghosts you! If you find yourself hanging out with people who frequently go against their word or cancel their plans, consider if they are a good influence on your own habits. As much as you want to radiate positive vibes, you also don’t want to let others dampen your mood with negative vibes.


If your goals are specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, + time-based, you will accomplish them. Even if these goals start small, you will slowly but surely improve your confidence + ability to rely on yourself. Trusting yourself is key to improving your ability to commit to yourself + act on your words.

What do you struggle with most on your commitments? As much as we love accountability buds, it is important to hold yourself accountable through self-reflection + goal-setting. Sometimes, you are your biggest obstacle — you got dis! : )

++ Mary K

[originally featured on CHAARG.com]

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