Speedy Personal Development: 5 Ways To Improve Yourself in Under an Hour

Personal development is common in adults seeking self-improvement. This might seem like a gross way of adulting that involves reading self-help books while crying + scouring through Pinterest desperately because you are miserable. However, there are so many other balanced ways to seek personal development. While we always aim to be our best, it’s important to be humble + recognize room for improvement.

When you’re busy studying, working, having a social life, + hopefully sleeping, it may seem like your only *me-time* is best spent at the gym with your CHAARG crew or catching up on Netflix [both of which are obvi very important!]. Still, you can improve yourself in other ways. 1 hour is only 4% of your day, but over a year, 1 hour each day equals over 15 days — if you can dedicate an hour a day towards personal development, then you are dedicating 2 weeks to yourself! Try these 5 simple ways to improve yourself in under an hour each day:


If you’re looking for minimal personal development without a large time commitment, meditation might be ideal for you. Whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour of your day dedicated to mindfulness, you will find yourself more self-aware + mindful. The best part is that meditation can be anything you want it to be + is usually not the stereotypical, cross legged *OOOooohms* — it could be your personal savasana, a walk, or curled up in bed. It’s your time, so you are able to personalize it according to what relaxes you the most.


For some, meditation might be best in the form of journaling. While you may have a specific Fit Journal, try dedicating another journal only for your mind. Journaling can keep you accountable towards your goals, as well as improving self-awareness, but also can channel your creative juices. For some, journaling might mean writing down one thing you are grateful for or one thing you love about yourself each day. It may require experimentation to find what words inspire your best self, but you are always worth it!


Not only is reading super fun, but it improves your vocabulary, memory, attention-span, writing skills, + can be very relaxing. Whether it’s reading fiction novels that whisk you away in fantasy, learning about a new topic, or reading a self-help book [no tears involved, sista!], reading even a chapter a day can improve your day little by little. Think of how many awesome books you could read in a year if you read a little bit every day!


If you’re always on the go-go-go, Podcasts could be your new thang. Substitute Podcasts for music during your workout or commute for a variety of topics — whether it’s for your hobbies, mindfulness, or inspiration. If you love to read but can’t find the time, try listening to a book in an audio version! Your fave stories will have a new dimension of drama and intensity when read by someone else.


You are never too old to learn a new skill or hobby! Whether it’s a new language [linguistic or coding ; )], an instrument, sport, or even a trick [headstand, anyone?], learning something new will inspire you to keep life adventurous by constantly improving yourself. It’s also a great talking point when netwerking + meeting new people — who doesn’t love hearing about someone’s new interesting hobby?!

No matter how you spend your hours each day, always focus on being mindful, present, + always becoming a better you. You deserve to prioritize your well-being throughout your entire life, so start now + create a lifestyle habit. It’s your life — own it. : )

+Mary [@itsmarykfit] // VirtCHAARG Chicago

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