Mindful of the Present: How To Avoid Living in the Past

Our college years + early twenties are some of the most hectic + exciting times of our lives. Amidst all of the stress, it’s easy to cling onto the memories we hold fondly — the *good ol’ days,* whether it be high school, freshman year, or our study abroad adventures. It’s important to embrace the highs of life + learn from the lows, but it’s also important to stay present in the current moment. Worried you might be reminiscing more than you’re actually living? Here are some steps to take to ensure you’re living forwardly —


Go ahead + delete it — we dare you ; ) Those daily reminders of what you were doing 1, 2, or even 6 years ago might bring back great memories, but after a couple months [or even more than a year], starting your day with a flashback might prevent you from advancing into your future. Throwback Thursday? Meet Mindful Monday!


As Millennials, we have always been encouraged to savor every moment, which more often than not, ends up being by capturing photos. Whether it’s for Snapchat [that disappears] or for your personal collection, some pictures might not be important to save. Before you snap, ask yourself what benefits you’ll gain from keeping a picture? Phones + pictures are fleeting, but your own personal memories will last much longer. Save storage on your phone + open up space in your mind for new experiences.


We all know those people who tell the same story over + over again. Regardless of consideration for others, reminiscing the past too much might actually be dwelling on the past. If you’re fixated on previous experiences, you aren’t able to fully embrace new experiences. You also don’t want to spend too much time comparing your journey to others’ — own your journey!


That being said, the best way live presently is to plan for the future. You might only be in college once + you might only be *young* once, but who is to say you can’t continue to have incredible experiences throughout your entire life? Time is relative, ++ as long as you continue to plan new adventures + new incredible experiences, the great memories will continue to grow as you grow + develop as your happiest self, each + every day.

Mindfulness is about more than being aware of the current moment — it’s also about being happy in your present. ❤

++ Mary K

[originally featured on CHAARG.com]

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