23 Goals That I Can Accomplish Even Amidst Uncertainty

What a year 22 has been. I’ve finished my Bachelors and (almost!) my MBA. I finally went on spring break, traveled to Vegas and the Grand Canyon, and studied abroad my second time in Southeast Asia. I worked 3 different jobs/internships while being a full-time student. I sweated in almost every studio in Chicago and ran my first half marathon. I bought my own website domain. I opened my heart and expanded my network beyond my wildest dreams. I learned a lot about myself and what I want my life to be, and I can’t wait to see what 23 holds.

My 2017 intention is to embrace. I’m always setting new goals to keep myself moving forward, but I want to embrace more of the present moments. Currently, so much of my life is out of my control, making it difficult to feel in control of my goals. Since I can’t specifically plan out my next year yet (someone, hire me!), it’s been challenging to set typical SMART goals. Instead, I’ve created a list of 23 goals that can be accomplished, regardless of my location or circumstances —

  1. Run another half marathon
  2. Hug someone at least once  day
  3. Publish a short story
  4. See all of my friends at least once a month, even if through FaceTime
  5. Join a yoga studio
  6. Balance in a headstand
  7. Launch Balancept
  8. Involve myself in my friends’ and families’ goals to better support them
  9. Resume my German language education
  10. Explore all main Chicago neighborhoods
  11. Handwrite thank-you notes as often as possible
  12. Set the standard for how I want others to love me
  13. Stop saying “I hate everyone” whenever one person or a few upset me
  14. Visit Canada
  15. Attend another yoga retreat
  16. Stop laughing at guys who aren’t funny
  17. Take my mom on a trip
  18. Attend mass at Madonna della Strada (for the first time!)
  19. Visit Ballpark Village, finally
  20. Get rid of 90% of my clothes from my closets back home
  21. Never eat anything I don’t want to
  22. Help my dad find a job
  23. Change my hairstyle or color (maybe — no promises on this one!)

There’s so much that I can’t change, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s so much I can do. Here’s to my Jordan Year and accomplishing even more goals at 23.

++ Mary K




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