Post-Grad Vaca to LA, or something like that

I’ve written before about how “I don’t like to vacation – I travel.” After some consideration, I realized that this same attitude is how I used to be with food. “I don’t indulge – I fuel.” Okay, well in the real world, we all need to #treatyoself every once in awhile (I probably say this phrase at least once a day). As with foods, it’s all about moderation. Sometimes, like after I graduate with my MBA and land the job of my dreams, a vacation is in order. Two weeks until I start my job and cheap flights to LA? Boom – OMW.Okay, I say vacation lightly. I’m still working remote for CHAARG, and I was honestly hoping to make it to the #Girlboss Rally. One of my best friends and future business partner landed tickets, and I optimistically booked the flights. I’m still on the waitlist and still hopeful, packing my business cards and outfits planned, but if all else fails, I’ll hike during the day and learn from Jess as we have sleepovers together in Beverly Hills and take lots of Insta-worthy pictures. I can’t complain.

I plan to spend two nights in Long Beach at an Airbnb by myself (not to mention, the original host canceled 36 hours in advance but thankfully there are always other options!), then Jess and I will stay at a hotel in Beverly Hills for two nights. My Airbnb overlooks a park by the beach. I’m looking forward to running, eating, and working from my laptop wherever I can see the water. I’ve also packed a couple books from my growing collection. Without schoolwork, I’m so excited to finally read for pleasure again. But when it comes to reading or writing, I would usually rather write, especially when traveling. I’m most inspired when I’m traveling, so bring on the flow.

Once I’m closer to Hollywood, I’m hoping to try out some fitness and dance classes, seek out the trendy wall murals, and hike! I’ve never had many opportunities to hike, so after a long run on Thursday, I’m excited to still explore without wrecking my body.

I think the most important part of vacation or travel is a change from routine. As a creature of habit, I always experience some anxiety when it comes to planning trips. No matter how much I try to plan, it’s not my typical routine and I have to be a bit spontaneous. I’ve learned to love that since it is unlike me, and it’s good to change your pace for awhile. Try different things, different foods, and feel different feelings. It helps to reflect upon your routine and how you can keep changing it up slightly to be your happiest self. As much as anyone loves routine, everyone gets a little bored after awhile.

I love Chicago, but I’ve definitely been dabbling with the idea of living in New York or LA in a few years. Since I was a kid, I knew I belonged in New York, but I would love to live in LA for at least a little. I haven’t been to LA since high school when I visited for a trip with my dance company, so it’ll be interesting to see how I feel as an adult. I prefer condensed skyscrapers over a spread out city, but sunshine, man.

Here’s to my first solo adventure as an official graduate before beginning the full-time working-life again!

++ Mary K


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