Cancel Your Weekend Plans Right Now to See Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorite movies, so I was thrilled to see the live-action version last night. It did not disappoint, and I may or may not have cried through at least half of it. It’s fine, I may or may not have been alone too, so that’s not weird, right?

From a family of huge Disney fans, we all had favorite characters. Belle was always “my princess,” mainly because I was a brunette. I was always the weird one, either with my nose in books or on the computer, nerding out. Growing up, I never felt like I fit in and dreamed of living more than a provincial life.

Was I crying because I realized that years of being the weird one finally paid off? Was I crying because I had just finished the first week at my dream job? Was I crying because I realized I had actually created the life that I had dreamed of for so many years?

Or maybe it was just an amazing movie. Who knows?

Emma Watson is a BOSS, and she was perfectly casted. Did anyone know she could sing? Did she know she could sing? She was perfectly brilliant, while also still relatable. If anyone didn’t love her already, I’m not sure how they couldn’t after seeing the film.

Everyone else was incredibly well-casted too, and the voices were spot on. Luke Evans as Gaston was AWESOME, and so was his sidekick LaFou. Josh Gad killed it with his theatrics, and he left a fun little surprise at the end.

I loved that Maurice was not some fat, crazy dad like the animated version. Still considered crazy, of course, his character was so much stronger. Their family story line had more depth, too, which sort of blew my mind while comparing it to modern-day urban vs. rural, and then I started thinking about the dangers of the city, and then I realized I was becoming internally side-tracked and needed to focus on this dynamic plot.

“Be Our Guest” was one of my favorite scenes. It was so lavish and over-the-top, and I was frankly surprised at how well Ewan McGregor performed Lumiere. Did anyone else wonder why they didn’t let Belle eat?

Another thing I kept wondering throughout — HOW was Belle not cold?! Despite snow, she was still romping around in short sleeves and sometimes light flats. Maybe it’s just my reaction after our Chicago blizzard last week, but she had options — she shouldn’t have been limited!

The classic Beauty and the Beast ballroom scene was spectacular. I personally don’t like 3D movies, but I imagine that it was incredible in the 3D version. I have no words other than that it was simply beautiful.

In the original animated version, I was always annoyed at the Beast’s human appearance. Spot on, I felt the exact same way with Dan Stevens. Belle was right, maybe he just needs a beard.

Bottom line — you need to see Beauty and the Beast ASAP. Even if that means going by yourself and sobbing while eating your fave candy. Do it, then let me know so we can fangirl over it.

Enjoy this throwback of 17-year old me on Halloween with my beloved German exchange student, Marie!


++ Mary K

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