It’s Still the Law: How the ACA Is Changing How We View Insurance

Today, Trump was defeated in repealing the Affordable Care Act. This week, I’ve been trying to figure out what insurance I’m going to enroll in. I’ve got premiums and deductibles on my mind.

Yeah, it’s awesome that Obamacare is still going to exist, but this decision does more than further prove Trump’s idiocracy. It shows the change of how we approach healthcare. Remember how radical the ACA was at first? Change is difficult, and in 2009, only 15% of people wanted government-provided healthcare. 85% of people with insurance didn’t even know the source. Now that it’s a law, people sometimes don’t even realize that their insurance is from the ACA. Government-based insurance just makes more sense for so many lower-income families.

Thankfully, I’m employed, but I am an independent contractor through an agency. I’m trying to navigate the agency’s multitude of plans while shopping through the marketplace and figuring out which one meets my needs best. I grew up in doctors’ offices and hospitals, and I don’t even want to think about those costs. I’m healthy, but I still want to feel protected… but I’m also cheap with debt up to my eyeballs. Is there a best way to navigate this?

Thanks to Beachbody Coaches, ItWorks consultants, and Glengarry Glenn Ross, we fucking hate salespeople. Ew. Just like I don’t want someone Facebook messaging me their template testimonials, I want to decide on my own, even if that means lots of research.

Given that over half of the workforce will be working freelance by 2020 (THREE YEARS PEOPLE!), we’ll all be doing a lot of research here soon. Sure, it’s convenient to have a work policy in place so you don’t think about what goes into your health insurance, but we’re honestly being given more freedom to explore what healthcare means to each person. Even the most conservative people must recognize that it’s no longer going to be just the poor that need more affordable healthcare options — it’s everyone.

Moreso, I’ve been considering what this means for preventative healthcare. I’ve been on birth control since I was 14 to control my acne, and I love being able to get this fo’ free. Over half of men say they haven’t benefitted from affordable birth control. In other news, over half of men also ask “where to aim” and miss their target 100% of the time. I don’t think their unrealistic point-of-view is necessary in such surveys.

Bottom line, it’s not a dog-eat-dog kinda world. No matter how laissez faire you wanna go, we’re all in this together. The more empathetic we are towards one another, the better the world we will live in. If you’re one of the few that rejects change and open minds, well, it sucks to suck now, huh?

++ Mary K

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