CHAARG Love Week: Positive Vibes All Around

It’s CHAARG Love Week! For the past couple of months as Media Manager, I’ve been communicating with sponsors to help give back goodies to the exec teams at every CHAARG Chapter. Although I’ve unfortunately never had the CHAARG Chapter experience myself, I am so proud to look at Loyola’s chapter and consider myself lucky to be involved with so many chapters across the country. Each chapter is so unique, and each CHAARG girl has an amazing journey. Per usual, I love being behind the scenes and watching the girls enjoy incredible experiences as they become their happiest and healthiest selves.

I’ve only ever been in the VirtCHAARG community, so it was disappointing that VirtCHAARG has now entered a hiatus as we regrow and #reCHAARG the Post Grad Community. While excited, it was a difficult couple of days trying to block the bullets of upset of angry VirtCHAARG members. CHAARG is so near and dear to my heart, and it hurt to know so many girls were so upset. I took it a little too personally and felt like I had failed in some way. I could have helped ease the pain with different communication or trying to speak up months ago.

Alas, this is not a positive mindset. As I was reviewing feedback from my CHAARG Blogis for our next term, I began to tear up with their positive words.

>> Mary is awesome ❤

>>Mary is a wonderful blog manager + has always been super helpful whenever I have questions. I’ve never felt judged; every criticism/ edit is constructive + has helped me grow as a blogger/ writer. : )

>> Mary is amazing — love her vibe + energy ++ how real she is [she’s also a badass because she’s clearly juggling SO many things at once, while always keeping on top of things, living life, chasing dreams, ++ taking care of da blog // us Blogis! <3]

These Blogis are from all over the country and many are receiving internship credit for this. It is so rewarding to know that I have positively improved a girls’ college experience. As for love languages, I definitely am energized by words of affirmation. I have been trying to decrease how much emphasis I place on others’ opinions, but I can only change myself to a certain extent.

The amount of girls’ that have positively affected my life through CHAARG is impossible to count. Natalie, Robyn, Alora, Brittany, Virginia, Melissa, Grace, Alyssa, Alissa, Katie, Anais, Melissa, Magi, Teresa, Anna, Jackie, Katie, Jess, Paige, Alli, Jessica, Kylie, Kelly, Maddi, Sarah, all of my Blogis [past + current], and of course, Elisabeth and Sarah — I can’t imagine a life without all of you inspiring me. Thank you so much for being you — you are all so, so loved ❤

CHAARG has changed my life, and I know it will continue to shape who I am as a woman. CHAARG has helped me overcome my eating disorder and has fueled a passion for not only fitness, but empowerment. CHAARG is more than my passion project — it is my lifestyle.

If you aren’t already involved in the movement, please email me at media@chaarg.com to see how you can get involved. Student, Post Grad, Sponsor, Advocate — I want to connect with you all!

++ MK

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