Stop Seeking Advice: Only You Can Live Your Best Life

I’m really bad at giving advice. Or maybe, I really don’t enjoy it. Or maybe, I’ve realized that most people asking for advice already know the answer, so I’m only needed to affirm what they want to hear. You could ask Beyonce for advice, but only you can act on it. Only you can live your best life.

As someone who is antisocial, I’ve learned that before asking anyone a question, I should ask myself two questions:

  1. Can this question be (reasonably) answered through a Google search?
  2. Do I already know what I want the answer to be?

Although there are no stupid questions, there are unnecessary questions. Google can solve most problems, as long as you’re smart enough to use your critical thinking skills. Plus, most of the time, you already have the answer to your own advice already.

Should I sign up for a race?

Should I break up with him?

Should I quit my job that I hate?

Should I do this badass thing that I’ve been dying to do but have been too scared to so I’m going to ask other people and seek validation before making a decision like the grown ass person I am?

One exception: If you are asking if you should get bangs, you need at least 5 votes ‘yes’ before chopping off that hair. Thank me later.

Quit relying on others’ rationale to live your life. Even when some people offer unwarranted advice, remind yourself that only you can live your life. You are the one that decides what defines your best life — live your life for you.

++ Mary K

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