Settle For More: A Book on Values and Valuation

My one Christmas gift from my dad was Settle for More by Megyn Kelly. He got it for all of his daughters to remind them to settle for more, obvi. It was a sweet gesture, even though I refuse to watch Fox News. He also forgets that none of his daughters are left-leaning. Sorry, Dad.

Now that I’m finally conquering my reading list, I decided to read it as my second book of May. I knew a little about Megyn Kelly, but mainly how Trump was a bitch to her about being on her period. I forced myself to read the book with an open mind.

It’s a great memoir, and I think it was important for me to read. It’s so easy to block out Fox News and, consequently, other political beliefs. As a result, I forget how I really am more of a “moderate.” Kelly herself is an independent, and it was interesting to reflect on how I reacted to her beliefs.

Throughout most of the book, I was thinking, Yes, Megyn, you boss bitch! You are in charge of your life and rocking it. You go girl.

At other points, she would condescend feminism. Fuck you, Megyn Kelly!! I would then remember that if she had not flat out said she is not a feminist, I would have thought she was a feminist. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?

I am not a fan of her whole Cupcake Nation spiel. It’s her version of Tomi Lahren’s snowflakes. Coming from a university where safe spaces are incorporated into the community and encouraged, I see no benefit in patronizing others for wanting a safe place to speak. Of course, debate and discussion are encouraged among all students. However, if students are silenced because they feel threatened to speak their concerns, a safe space is necessary to help build that confidence and realize the potential resources.

Communities with safe spaces don’t mean that we can’t handle shit. It means that we can, and we’re being proactive about it. I don’t believe in being politically correct, but I also don’t believe in being an asshole. Okay, at least not on purpose 🙂

Her book provided great insights on Trump, Fox News scandals, and overall perspective on life goals. Megyn Kelly is a new anchor for NBC, so that adds another layer to her relationship with Fox.

Overall, Megyn Kelly keeps it real in her book and inspires women to not settle for the bare minimum. As a strong, Millennial woman, I know how to accept a lot of shit that comes my way. It’s a great reminder to never settle below your worth and to always keep an open mind.

The day after finishing the book, I swore I saw Megyn Kelly walking into Starbucks in West Loop. However, she mentioned in the book that she hates Starbucks. The mind sure does manifest what you fill it with.

++ Mary K

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