The Floured Apron: A Chicago Nonprofit Bakery

I love working at 1871 because of all of the startups I get to interact with. While most of the companies are in tech, sometimes you hear about nonprofits like the Floured Apron and your heart instantly warms — and no, it’s not because I was eating delicious cookies at the time.

Our weekly TGIF on May 19 was catered by the Floured Apron, a nonprofit based in Winnetka. The 10-week training program provides underprivileged women the opportunity to learn not only baking skills but also life skills and career coaching. Through one-on-one mentoring, these women are assisted in finding jobs upon graduation.

Did I mention that they’re baking all-natural, from-scratch bakery treats? I always swear that my mom makes the best snickerdoodles, but these women would give her a run for her money. I tried their chewy cinnamon sugar cookies as well as their brown butter blondies — SO GOOD! They also bake many other products, including cake shots, all of which can be ordered individually or by catering.

Of course, my question for the founder was if they intend to expand. They’ve thrived in Winnetka for two years, but other Chicago suburbs are interested in starting more. It seems that as long as churches can donate their facilities and people can continue to help motivate these women, then the Floured Apron will continue to excel as a nonprofit.

For more information, you can contact the Floured Apron here.

++ Mary K

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