Summer Soirees: 5 Tips To Plan Your Best Summer

‘Tis the season for summer events. Every weekend, there are at least three fun events going on, typically all at the same time, Each weekday, there is usually something too. I’m all about maximizing time in the sun, but does anyone else already feel overwhelmed just thinking about planning it all? How do you decide what to attend and what not?

1. Explore Your Options

Especially in big cities, event planning is an entire industry of its own. You can explore the latest events on Facebook, and you can also check out TimeOut or a plethora of other Chicago calendars. aSweatLife offers an awesome fitness calendar. Look ahead now and see what is all offered. You don’t want to over-commit yourself before it’s even the summer solstice.

2. Keep a Planner

Whether it’s your Passion Planner, your Google Calendar, or your iPhone Notes, keep track of everything you want to attend and everything you’ve committed to attend. One of my personal pet peeves is people bailing on plans, so don’t be that person because of a personal oversight. It also wastes money if you overbook yourself, and it wastes time if you have to re-sell your tickets.

3. Check Your Bank Account

Before purchasing any tickets, whether cheap ass tickets to the Sox game or Lady Gaga tickets at Wrigley Field, check your bank account. If you’re scared to check, that is the prime time to do so. No matter how fun an event may be, you shouldn’t have to sell your soul or give up groceries for a week.

4. Prioritize Yourself and Your Goals

Summer is fun even if you don’t go to crazy cool events. You may experience FOMO from your friends posting Stories, but you’ll still probably be chilling with a cool beverage in hand no matter where you are. If you’re training for a half marathon and you designate Saturdays for your long runs, save your nights out for Saturday instead of Friday. If you want to do more yoga but no friends want to join you and you’re a broke bish, go to Yoga in the Park. I go almost every week, and we can always go 🙂 Do what you’ve gotta do to have your best summer.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

That being said, never feel obligated to do something you don’t want to do. If your friends are still using peer pressure as a social tactic, ditch those friends because those people suck (likewise, don’t be that person!). Most of the time, if you’re invited to something, it’s simply because someone thinks you’ll enjoy it. No one knows you as well as you do, and saying no is not going to end a friendship. Again, if it does, leave that friend in the high school drama they are still dragging around with them. Suggest other plans that work best for you.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with enjoying the summer sunshine through a simple walk or sitting outdoors. Both of which are free, and they can be done almost anytime and anywhere with almost anyone. Get rid of the stress and enjoy your summer!

++ Mary K

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