Lyrebird: The Future of Fake News

Artifical intelligence that can replicate anyone’s voice? In the world of “fake news,” it sounds like a sci-fi horror story. However, the technology is live and will likely change how we value word-of-mouth.

I recently heard about Lyrebird at work. I work on a team for emerging tech solutions, so this was the toy to play with one afternoon. On the website, you can demo different politicians saying absolutely ridiculous things. While you can kinda tell it is robotic, it is not as clearly robotic as Siri or Alexa.

Lyrebird has high potential, but considering the demo first includes different politicians talking about Lyrebird, there is opportunity for ethical foul play. On their ethics disclaimer, they want to spread brand awareness that this technology does exist, and therefore not everything can be taken at face value anymore. Preventing fraud benefits their branding. Clever.

It’s like all the video compilations you see on Facebook. Sure, it can be funny, but if in the wrong hands, it can go terribly wrong.

As always, engage your critical thinking skills and be wary of anything you read or hear. Challenge everything, and you’ll always pursue the greater truth.

++ Mary K

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