I Ate Dessert Everyday for a Week: Here’s What Happened

I work full-time in tech, but outside of the 9-5, I’m a fitness trainer and overall fitness junkie. I workout most days of the week, always something different. I struggled with disordered eating in college, and I strive to empower people to be more than the obsessive eating habits that we develop from media. I don’t like compartmentalizing foods into “good” or “bad,” “healthy” or “unhealthy,” and I will never consider a food a “cheat.” I fuel my active lifestyle with whole foods 80% of the time, and I love to indulge the other 20%. Balance.

As I’ve recovered from my eating disorder, it’s awesome to be able to eat more foods that are good for my soul. I decided to experiment for the blog what would happen if I ate dessert every day for an entire week. You won’t believe what happened.

Monday, May 29

It’s my last day at home from a long weekend. I slept in past 8AM for the first time in months, and I finished my book the Circle. I went on a run and relaxed with my family until I had to take the train back. I ate a bunch of Oreos before I left. Ain’t nobody got time to count how many. Tiger Woods was arrested for a DUI, and his mugshot suddenly became a meme. People act like a mugshot is a posed candid for Instagram…? I can’t with people, but what’s new?

Tuesday, May 30

It’s back to work, and I woke up actually excited to go. I had leg day in the morning, so I was happy to get a big Baja Guac salad from Protein Bar since I had no groceries. There was free food at 1871 all day, including some bomb ass lemon bars. Yum. After getting groceries and catching up on the news about tension between the U.S. and Germany as well as Kushner’s Russian connections, I ate a handful of chocolate chips and said good fuckin’ night.

Wednesday, May 31

I was up early enough to see Trump’s “covfefe” tweet before he deleted it. I came up with some funny tweets during my workout – at least I thought they were funny. It was my coworker’s last day, so I picked up a S’Mores Bombolini from Bombobar for her. I asked them if I could take a picture before I boxed it up because I am that extra. I get to work and someone else had brought two boxes of donuts from the Doughnut Vault. It was heaven. We also went on a group lunch to Backwood BBQ, and I got a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw. I put down another donut that evening before taking a class at Shred415, too. Sprints weren’t fun, and I learned my lesson that I am definitely a morning workout kinda person.

Thursday, June 1

What a helluva day. It was already bad enough that Trump had announced the U.S. would no longer be a part of the Paris Climate Agreement, basically shouting “Fuck you!” to mother nature. But, it was my parent’s court date that I had been dreading for months. My dad avoided jail, for now, and I buried my nose in work to keep me distracted. That afternoon, I was recruited for help on a new blockchain project at work, which was incredibly exciting! I ate a bunch of candy from our snack cabinet. Yellow Starburst are my favorite, so I love when they’re all that’s left.

Friday, June 2

I paid my last ever rent for my current apartment, and I went on an incredible run before work. I was on cloud nine until I found out that the value of Ether was now well over $200. It was only a few dollars when I started my job three months ago. I could have paid off all of my student debt if I had bought some Ether! Urgh. For TGIF at 1871, we had chicken pot pie as well as cherry pie. So good. After work, my coworkers and I went to the Cabana Club at the Robey in Wicker Park. Happy hour became hours, and I went home tipsy off margs. Aaaaaand there is another attack in the Philippines, but at least it’s not terrorism? I really hate that term – it itself sparks terror.

Saturday, June 3

I woke up early for Yoga in the Park with CHAARG girls and took a Gravity Fit class at ENRGi before meeting other friends at AIR Fit. I went home starving and cooked up a solid brunch. I went to the movies by myself and saw Wonder Woman, ordering some Sno-Caps while feeling empowered to take on the world. There was another terrorist attack on London, and more people “sent their love” to the city with an excuse to post a study abroad throwback. I can’t.

Sunday, June 4

I taught my regular three fitness classes at ENRGi and got in a quick sweat sesh afterwards. I love spending my Sunday afternoon at Soho House (half off for under 27 members — HOLLA) and after an early bougie dinner, I snagged the last pistachio baklava croissant leftover from brunch. It was the size of my face and it tasted like pure Greek bliss. Trump keeps talking shit on Twitter, four Arab countries cut off ties with Qatar, and I’m still trying to find memes to help keep my sanity.

A week with dessert was just another week! The world still went on with its crazy self, and I was still surviving and doing my thing. I feel healthy, strong, energetic, and so much happier than when I restricted myself and obsessed over food. With everything that is happening in the world, the last thing we need to stress about is calories and macro. Educate yourself on proper nutrition, then keep on keeping on, being your badass self. If no one else is, I’m always rooting for you.

[PS I didn’t actually plan an experiment. I wrote this in retrospect, reflecting on this cray week. Intuitive eating ftw <3]

++ Mary K


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