Weekends Aren’t Only For Rest: How to Balance Your Training Schedule

The last few months, I’ve been trying to workout less and recover more. As someone who enjoys exercising and trying new workouts constantly, this is hard! Even if I know I’m doing too much, it’s difficult to try to balance your workout schedule to avoid burnout and/or injury.

Often, weekends are considered resting periods. “You work hard all week, so you should take the weekends off.” You may tell yourself this as you’re chug-a-lugging through the workweek, then the weekend comes. You wake up feeling refreshed (maybe ;)), you have more free time, there are special fitness events, friends invite you to a class before brunch… you want to work out! Even if you told yourself you would only do yoga or rest over the weekend, the weather is too perfect to not go on a long run.

Anyone else ever been there?

This is 100% a first world problem, but it can lead to ridiculous amounts of stress on our bodies and cause injuries. It can also lead to exercise addiction, feeling as if you can’t not exercise.

So, what do ya do?

Take a rest day during the week! This is almost as challenging, especially when you rely on the #6AMCrew sweat sesh to be your energy-boost in the morning. Still, it’s very important to allow your body adequate recovery time. If you know you love weekend workouts, ya gotta.

Taking a rest day doesn’t have to mean sleeping in. If you’re like me, you physically cannot sleep in. I like to think of self-care in other ways. On my rest days, I like to take a leisurely morning, making breakfast with Jack Johnson on in the background, pretending it’s Saturday morning. Maybe I’ll read, or if I’m feeling like being somewhat active, I’ll go on a walk around the neighborhood, do a few sun salutations, or maybe some foam rolling. All are awesome ways for your mind and body to actively recover and relaaaaaax.

Maybe Wednesday and Sunday are your rest days, or maybe Friday is your rest day. Maybe Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are your rest days. Whatever works for you, given your exercise schedule, your personal schedule, and how your body’s feeling. Always check-in with yourself, and remember that you don’t have to sweat everyday. Self-care is more than just exercising.

++ Mary K

1 thought on “Weekends Aren’t Only For Rest: How to Balance Your Training Schedule”

  1. I work out at the gym three days a week; the other days I just walk or do some light body weight stuff at home (yoga, tai chi). I’m getting middle aged and just don’t recover like I did when I was a kid.


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