The Power of Being a Positive Cynic

I’ve always felt like a bit of an impostor, being apart of so many positive organizations when I’m truly such a cynic. I’m learning to embrace how my cynical tendencies can help me accomplish more as a positive person. Still working on the whole stress and anxiety thing, but ya know, baby steps.

I decided to try out the Podcast Studio in 1871 for a few reasons:

  1. My work is going to start recording podcasts, and I want practice.
  2. Since when am I awful at pronunciation? I need to improve that. I’m used to public speaking for fitness classes, but I need practice otherwise.
  3. More people are listening to podcasts than reading blog posts, so I’m hopping on the content bandwagon and testing it out.
  4. I made a poll on Instagram, and 45 people said they would listen to a podcast.

Am I going to make this a series with more episodes? Idk, you tell me! Want to call me out on anything? Want to hear about a different topic? Lemme know.

It’s only 25 minutes long, so it won’t ruin your day. Hope you enjoy!


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