Weekend Getaway in San Diego: December 1-4 Recap

When your best friend from New York asks you to travel for a weekend, you say yes. Except, my BFF Jess has asked me this approximately 10x this year, and I have only been able to actually commit twice. We went to LA in March, and this last weekend, we visited San Diego together.

Her dad lives in San Diego, and she’s always trying to get her miles in. While I book the super cheap basic economy backpacker’s delight with United Airlines, she gets free upgrades to first-class. Casual. Still, I’m sold on super cheap flights with no expenses other than food. As future business partners, we are both Type A workaholics that deserve a girls’ weekend getaway!

Friday, December 1, 2017

We met in San Diego late Friday night and drove to her dad’s in Poway, a little northwest of the actual city. Living in the mountains, we had a gorgeous view balcony view.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

On Saturday morning, I braved my first surf lesson. Between the two of us, we had one instructor that was super encouraging and patient, even when we were tumbling in the water like idiots. I quite literally asked during the beginning demonstration, “Getting up on the surfboard is kinda like a burpee, right?” Except, you have a wave pushing you during said burpee and you’re trying to remember to lean forward but center and bend your knees and not twist your ankle when you fall.


It was so challenging, but it was so much fun! I kept my balance up towards the shore 3x, which I’m still pretty impressed with. I still have a lot of work to do, but I can’t wait to try it more.

Afterwards, we were ravenous and went to Lemonade for lunch. I discovered my love for this healthy, fast-casual restaurant in LA. It’s sorta like a lunch line where you ask for a scoop of the seasonal dishes, and most of the dishes are salads, like shaved brussels and dates or avocado and tomatoes. They have many protein-packed options as well, and their famous lemonade is as good as it sounds.


We took the rest of the afternoon easy before going to get Thai food for dinner. Usually, I pack my days with plans, but this weekend was focused on #selfcare. On Saturday, that meant catching up on rest and napping for 2 hours and sleeping for 10 hours.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

On Sunday, we rented a car and went hiking at the Potato Chip Rock. Yes, it’s actually called that because at the top, there is a tall rock you can stand in line to take a picture on. The whole time you’re waiting, you’re lowkey judging if the rock will be able to withstand your weight based on others. One of the toughest hikes I’ve ever done, it was 5 miles total with views beyond belief.


Afterwards, we ate In & Out. I tried animal-style fries which added cheese, onions, and their special sauce. It was good, but their fries are good enough by themselves honestly.


Then, we drove back to San Diego for Holy Matcha. This little cafe was meant for Instagrammers. There were actually two DSLR cameras taking pictures of (wannabe) models, posing next to all of the photo opps. We were no exception and totally indulged in pictures. Actually, I finished my drink before Jess even started hers. I got the coconut matcha latte, which was super good, but Jess’s matcha horchata was out of this world! If you go there, definitely order that. She also got a yummy vanilla donut I recommend. If my teeth weren’t overly sensitive to the cold, I would have tried their soft-serve swirl!



Outside, we discovered a crime scene and called the police. There were printed out directions for “how to disable a car alarm.” We can’t make that shit up. There was also the ID of a library technician, along with a backpack, and some stray shoes under a nearby car. So absurd, I’m still curious what could have possibly happened to this person and their car!


Before heading home, we drove to Sunset Cliff to view the incredible sunset. There was even a green flash!


Later at night, I was suddenly starving, but there was thankfully a late-night Mexican drive-thru closeby. For being jank, it was surprisingly bougie and my fish tostada was so good.


Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday morning, we went to a yoga class in La Jolla. The good thing about doing your travel research on Instagram is many local business accounts will follow you. One was Oxygen Studio which was actually preparing for their grand opening the next day. The first class was free and we could barely walk after surfing and hiking, so yoga was necessary. The instructor actually worked full-time for a startup in San Diego and invited us to Startup Week in June. Another trip to San Diego? We’re so in.

For breakfast, we got acai and pitaya bowls at Juice Kaboose. We took these gorgeous bowls outside for pictures, and the store owner came running out with blueberries to add for a “winter look.” Californians just get it.


Then, we walked around La Jolla Cove to explore the views and take influencer pictures. #ad #sorrynotsorry



Afterwards, we drove to Coronado, a small island closeby. The bridge was a little terrifying to get across, but the beaches were stunning. Our phones even switched to Mexican carriers. More pictures proved that Instagram husbands are overrated when you have friends.


We ate brunch at Cafe 21 in downtown San Diego. Yes, brunch is even offered on weekdays in California. I love it! This hipster cafe had all of the design details, and my salmon omelet was delicious.


I was still hungry, but all of the donut places were sold out by then. Ugh. The struggle.

That evening, we ate Veggie Bowl for our last supper. I’m usually not a fan of fake meat, but I sucked it up and ate at the restaurant anyway. I got Kung Pao tacos with their *chickin’.* It tasted good, but it still weirds me out to eat so processed like that. For dessert, I got a peanut butter brittle cookie from Lemonade.


We both flew redeye back to our respective cities, and thankfully, Jess is visiting Chicago next weekend. We already have brunch planned, and I can’t wait.

Jess and I hope to make it back to LA in February for Create + Cultivate. I look forward to our next adventure! As Jess said this weekend, “Fostering friendships is so much more fulfilling than romantic relationships. The ROI on girlfriends is much higher than boyfriends.” RETWEET. Sorry to her boyfriend!



++ Mary K

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  1. Keeping your balance 3x on a first go is really impressive 🏄‍♀️😀 think you’ll keep it up? Thanks for the reminder of San Diego – I love that place 😊


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