Our Kissing Hands, Forever in Ink

For Christmas, my mom, two of my sisters, and I got matching tattoos. They all have a few tattoos already, so they were shocked when I proposed matching tattoos. My mom even cried when I told her my idea. I wanted us to all have our own “kissing hands.”

When I started pre-K, I never wanted to leave my mom. Don’t get me wrong — I loved reading and learning, but why couldn’t I do that at home with my mom? I cried saying bye to my mom (literally) every day, so she got me a book to try and ease the transition. Insert the Kissing Hand.

Quick synopsis: a raccoon doesn’t want to leave his mom to go to school, so she shows him his ‘kissing hand.’ This heart on his hand will remind him that his mom’s love is with him wherever he goes. He then wants her to have one too, so that his love is with her everywhere she goes. Then the raccoon frolics off to school with his other animal friends and he’s fine.

Cute, right?

I didn’t stop crying about leaving my mom for like 10 years, but still. She made a valiant effort. I was the baby, after all. I had a title to live up to!

20 years later, she’s still my best friend. Somehow, I ‘grew up’ and am now the independent, city girl of the family. I’m grateful to be able to support my mom and attempt to give back all that she’s done for me, but how could I really?

Now, she’s the one the cries (literally) every time I leave, so I thought we could get our own kissing hands. A small heart tattoo on the inside of our wrists, we’ll always be reminded of the love in our family. No matter where we are in the world, we’re always connected with love.

Merry Christmas, momma. Love you more!!

2 thoughts on “Our Kissing Hands, Forever in Ink”

  1. Awwww! Love this so much especially because I give my daughter kisses in the palm of her hand every morning to take to kindergarten with her. I swear it helped ease her fears. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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