My 2017 Soundtrack From 71,054 Minutes of Music

Spotify Wrapped revealed that in 2017 I listened to music for 71,054 minutes — that’s almost 50 days worth of songs!! While I was surprised to see that ‘tropical house’ was my most listened to genre, I wasn’t surprised that I listened to so many songs on repeat throughout the year. As a summary of 2017, here are some highlights of my year and what soundtracks kept me jamming the entire way.

Studied Abroad in Southeast Asia
Runaway (U&I) (Dillon Francis Remix) // Galantis
I started my year running a 10K in Singapore and spent the next few weeks studying abroad in Southeast Asia. I had several remixes of this song that kept me schlepping around Asia. This is when I first discovered ‘Tropical Morning’ and ‘Pop Chillout’ playlists on Spotify, and this trap queen was forever changed.

Finished Grad School
The Power of Now (Crystal Lake Remix) // Steve Aoki + Headhunterz
When I returned from studying abroad, my dad said I looked a little disheveled. I think he meant that my appearance and how I looked like a legit hippie backpacker, but I still had four weeks left of grad school to finish while working an internship. Oh, and trying to find a job! I was a hot mess. The only way I made it through finals, a birthday (where we raised $1000 for Planned Parenthood!), and job hunting was playing EDM music on repeat.

Visited LA
Reality (Rough Traders Radio Edit) // Lost Frequencies + Janiek Devy
To celebrate graduation and getting a job, I took a quick trip to LA. I was feeling good. I spent a couple days by myself relaxing and running in Long Beach, then I met up with my best friend Jess in LA. “Today I got a million, tomorrow I don’t know.”
It Ain’t Me // Kygo + Selena Gomez
I first heard this while writing on my balcony in Long Beach. I absolutely shouted, ‘YAAAAS!!!’ and proceeded to listen on repeat for the next 3 months.

St. Patrick’s Day
Shape of You (Major Lazer Remix) // Ed Sheeran
Ooooh St. Patrick’s Day. While drunkenly getting into an Uber that was not my Uber, then being robbed of my phone and wallet was probably the low point of my year, it was a good reflection point and forced me to sober up for a few months. PSA: Always check the license plate before you get in the car and have them say your name — they shouldn’t have to ask for yours.

Started Working at Accenture
Good Day
The Monday after that eventful Saturday, I started my first job post-grad! Going into it, it seemed like the perfect job for me. The first few months were a little confusing and sometimes boring, but it has definitely gotten way better since. Yellow Claw’s album was still getting me through that 9-5 grind, which is why Yellow Claw is my most-listened to artist of 2017.

Cut My Hair
Liability // Lorde
“I’m a little much for everyone.” You could say this was applicable to my love life, but really it was my hair. My hair kept getting into a knotted, sweaty mess and I was getting tired of the beach waves. After about a year of contemplation, I finally cut it off! I kept cutting it shorter every couple of months, but now I think I’m at a good length. I’m still a little much for most people, but that’s their problem 😉

Graduated from Loyola, again
Exhale // Zhu
Have I mentioned how crazy family has been this year? No, but I don’t need to. That’s why I do yoga, and that’s why I EXHALE. But yeah, I got to walk again. Woo!

Visited Toronto
Marrakech // R3hab
Every summer, Marc, Kylie, Garett, and I take on a new city together. This summer, we visited Toronto! Other than Niagara Falls, we went brunching, clubbing, running, and I even went to a Canadian dentist to get a filling fixed! This song was my most played of 2017, and the obsession started on this trip.

Partied on a Yacht in the Infamous Playpen
Million Voices // Otto Knows
Okay, this is not a significant event at all but I can’t listen to this song now without thinking of this day! I’m still not totally sure how I ended up hopping between yachts in Lake Michigan, but what a time to be alive.

Visited Michigan for the 4th of July
Kill Jill // Big Boi
I finally got to visit my freshman roommate’s home in Michigan, and it was basically a giant frat party at the pool and on the boat with her brothers. This will forever be Steph’s song hahaha

Became a NASM Behavior Change Specialist
Issues (Acoustic) // Julia Michaels
For my continuing education as a personal trainer, I became a specialist in behavior change. Not only is the acoustic version of this song gorgeous, but it helped me be self-aware of my own issues and how I’ve overcome them, which led me to start writing my book!

Ocho Cinco // DJ Snake + Yellow Mother Fucking Claw (that’s what it says in the song lol)
I somehow scored free tickets to Lolla again, and VIP was one hell of a time. It’s all a bit of a blur, but DJ Snake was the highlight of my day. I know this because I had multiple Snapchat stories captioned ‘THRIVING!! LIVING MY BEST LIFE!!!’ So.
All the Small Things // Blink 182
While I’m more of an EDM person at Perry’s, we still used the VIP golf carts to our advantage and got glimpses of the Killers and Blink 182. My strongest memory is sprinting through the crowds during this song as their finale and seeing fireworks. What a day.

North Coast Musical Festival
Back in Time // Don Diablo
My first time at this music festival was a blast, even though it was pouring rain by the end. I got really excited for Don Diablo to start, so I sprinted away from all my friends to get there. Unfortunately, I sprinted to the wrong stage. Smh. Alas, I made it back to my friends and Don Diablo safely and it was a wild, crazy day!

Started Running Again
Not Dead Yet // Tommie Sunshine
Run // Matt Nash
I really didn’t party as much as this post sounds, and after taking a much needed rest from running to work on my form and stride, I quickly got back into distance running. Those long runs needed to have strong beats and uplifting lyrics, so these were two of my favorites!

Started Teaching More Morning
Woke the F*ck Up // Jon Bellion
Waking up at 5 every morning isn’t always the easiest, even for morning people. This was one of my favorite songs to listen first thing when I woke up and get me pumped to either teach or train on my own.

Wrote a Book!
Motions // Shoffy
Childhood Dreams // ARY
I listened to a lot of music while writing, a lot of Shoffy and most from my chill playlists. My book will be on Amazon in February — get excited!!

Fixed my Bathtub
I Don’t Think So // Ben Phipps
This Town // Kygo
Slow Down Love // Louis the Child
One of the most exciting parts of my gorgeous apartment is my bathtub. It took me a couple months to finally get it fixed, but it was the best decision I ever made. For someone who struggles to relax and slow down, reading in the bathtub to good music is true self-care.

Attended Vital Proteins Summit
Rockstar // Post Malone
I’ve been a Vital Proteins ambassador since May, and they do nothing but spoil us as influencers. I met so many incredible people that weekend in Chicago, and I also got to stay in the Chicago Athletic Association hotel — like a freaking BOSS. I felt really cool that weekend.

Visited San Diego
Teenage Drama Queen // Lindsay Lohan
There was a lot of driving during this girls’ weekend in Cali, so we listened to Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan most of the time. I realized that my favorite song as a kid is actually still us, 10 years later. “That girl was a wild child dreamer but she’ll find herself, ‘cause she believes in nothing else. You’ll look back and you won’t believe that girl was me.” Yaas, bebe.

Visited Phoenix on a Work Trip
Again // Noah Cyrus
One of my favorite songs of the year, the chill vibes helped me relax on my first ever client visit! The work part went really well, and I went hiking and got (probably) my last long run before my half marathon in January, which is also in Phoenix.

Home for Christmas
Bedford Falls
Finally, I made it home for some much needed time off to relax. I got my first tattoo and watched a bunch of Christmas movies. It’s a Wonderful Life is always my favorite, and I love this song (that I’ve been listening to on repeat since I first heard it this summer).

It’s been an amazing year, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. If you want to listen to more of my playlists, follow me on Spotify (maryjk1994)! Each month, I make a playlist for ‘SWEAT’ and for ‘chill.’ I made best of 2017 for each, too 🙂

Happy New Year, everyone!

++ Mary K

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