[solidcore]: The Best New Burn in River North

Even as a fitness trainer, I am always seeking out the best classes. [solidcore] is the a new studio that has recently opened in River North. Founded in 2013, there are already 29 studios across the country (look up the founder Anne Mahlum who is a freaking BOSS). Even though I love my heavy weights, [solidcore] is one of the hardest workouts I’ve done in a while. Think Pilates, but intensified. It is humbling, but so energizing!

solidcore 005

What is it?
[solidcore] uses individual Sweatlana machines you use for the workout while barefoot. Building off of basic exercises like squats, push-ups, and crunches, [solidcore] takes it to the max! You’ll be shaking and sweating after the core warm-up as you use every little muscle to balance and werk.

Even though you’ll be jamming to the club-like music with the lights low, the exercises are slow and controlled. It’s the total opposite of typical high-intensity workouts, but it’s also entirely low-impact. There’s no jumping, and it’s a perfect strength workout, especially if you have any history of injuries.

solidcore 002.jpg

Meet Todd, the Chicago Studio Manager!
I was lucky enough to bring in some of my friends for a class during opening week in December and afterwards, I interviewed the incredible Studio Manager, Todd Boergermann. Recently moved from Dallas, this Lululemon and Manduka Ambassador’s smile and high energy is contagious!

How did you get into [solidcore]?
I had a friend who coached at [solidcore] in Minneapolis before we got one in Dallas.  One day I was driving through Uptown Dallas and almost caused a wreck by stopping in the middle of traffic when I saw the [solidcore] sign going up.  I emailed the contact moments later, became a coach shortly after, and now I manage the new Chicago location here in River North!

That’s amazing! What’s your favorite exercise on the machine?

Oh my gosh, so true! What’s your favorite way to sweat outside of [solidcore]?
LOVE ME SOME SOULCYCLE!  I took classes in Dallas and now here in Chicago! Our workouts compliment each other tremendously.

Perfect combo of strength and cardio! Do you have a favorite way to practice self-care?
I take baths nightly and meditate.

Baths are so underrated! Do you have a current favorite song to sweat to?

Adding to my playlist now! [solidcore] always leaves me feeling sore, but so strong. What empowers you outside the studio?
I was controlled by my fears for a long period in my life.  I still have those fears, but my favorite quote is “Feel the fear, acknowledge it, then do it anyways”.

I love it!! So for those who are nervous for their first class at [solidcore], considering it is known to be HARD, what advice can you offer?
Class 1 is a whirlwind and can be overwhelming mentally ad physically…COME BACK and you’ll truly see the benefits!

Thank you, Todd! No matter what your level of fitness, you have to try out [solidcore]. There are modifications so everyone can be challenged! No, you won’t be able to walk or even laugh the next day, but it’s so worth it. There’s currently a new client special with 2 classes for $29 through January 31st. Considering classes are regularly priced $37, this is a steal!

Let me know if you have any questions about classes, and let me know when you sign up. I’ll try my best to join you! 🙂

++ Mary K



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