My First Book — It’s Here! It’s on Amazon!

Six months ago, I set the goal to write a book before I was 30. This week, my first book is now available on Amazon, right before my 24th birthday. 

A lot can happen in six months, and throughout the highs and lows, I’ve stuck with my priorities. I’ve been stubborn about my goals, but flexible about my methods. Now, it’s come to fruition. Holy. Shit. Vulnerable doesn’t begin to explain how I feel sharing my story, and I am absolutely terrified.

In my book, I emphasize the importance of sleep and taking care of yourself. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I haven’t had a good night of sleep in over a month. Stress, anxiety, and never-ending energy have kept me wired nonstop. Mentally, I’m exhausted but simultaneously, I’m at peace.

Being able to share my story, especially those rock-bottom moments, is a reminder to myself of how far I’ve come. While the stigma on mental illness is changing (whaddup 2018), it still took me too long to acknowledge my eating disorder. My relationship with food and my body has improved so much that I forget how it’s only been a few years. Taking charge (or CHAARG :P) of my own life was no easy feat, and I’m so grateful to be where I’m at physically and mentally.

In a storytelling workshop recently, we were encouraged to never give disclaimers. Whether it’s speaking or in writing, don’t apologize for your voice. Take ownership of your opinion and what you have to share with the world. So, ego, sit the fuck down. And take a freakin’ nap.

I’m so appreciative of everyone who has supported me along the way, and I thank anyone who reads my book. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if anything struck you as super relatable, or if you have any questions. Oh, and please leave me a review on Amazon! 15% of profits will be donated to Girls in the Game, a Chicago organization that helps every girl find her voice, discover her strength and lead with confidence through fun and active sports, health and leadership programs.

Don’t forget to listen to my CHAARG Podcast episode with more about my book and my CHAARG journey.

You can sign up for my book launch party next weekend here! SWEAT + SIGN — a quick workout, some goal-setting, and toast, of course.

Love you guys!! Y’all better run your own worlds now, and I’ll be cheering you on the entire way.

++ Mary K

1 thought on “My First Book — It’s Here! It’s on Amazon!”

  1. Good for you. I wrote three books so far and nothing gets the blood moving than seeing yourself in print. Good luck on your next book. Keep the fires burning and your soles running.


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