Sweat with Me Anytime, Anywhere with the Sweatworking App!

Have you ever wanted to workout with me but unfortunately don’t live in Chicago? Or, are you the type that refuses to workout before the sun rises? Either way, all of your problems have been solved. Well, maybe not all, but now you can workout with me anytime, anywhere!

I’m super pumped to share that I’ve partnered with Sweatworking so you can sweat with me through an app! As much as I love a good heavy lift, I’m keeping these workouts mostly bodyweight so that you can feel the burn outside or in the comfort of your own living room (okay, or studio apartment if you’re like me).

Core and booty work? Let’s go!

Use this link for your FREE 14-day trial with Sweatworking — you’ll also receive a $5 Amazon gift card once you complete the trial! Hey, that’s enough to cover the really random item in your suggested buys.

Living your best life means running your world every single day — even if it’s only for a quick sweat. What can you do #EverydaywithMaryK?

(Yes, this is the same amazing organization as aSweatLife and yes, it’s super cool. Interested in being a coach with Sweatworking, too? HMU #fitfam!)

If you prefer working out with me in person, try my class at ENRGi! DM me for your first class free, and stay tuned for more opportunities to sweat with me around the city this summer.


++ Mary K

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