Featured on Voyage Chicago: The Trailblazers

This month, I was interviewed by Voyage Chicago on their feature The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative. Um, I’M FLATTERED. All of these boss women in Chicago doing awesome things, and you include lil ol’ me? Too sweet.

So what am I doing differently?

People know me for being real and authentic. In the crazy world where social media reigns supreme, I pride myself on never being fake and for (mostly) posting valuable content. I strive to inspire the same boldness in others, and I hope that others become confident in their individual passions. It’s hard to be positive and realistic simultaneously, but I try to initiate those uncomfortable conversations, while still being thoughtful and kind-hearted. Typically, this includes humor and trying to not take ourselves so seriously!

Because, ya know, some people on social media think I actually have my shit together. I can’t let anyone think that’s actually true!

Here’s what people are saying:

“So perfectly you! <3” — My mom

“You’re such an a amazing writer, among other things!” — My sister

“Congratulations, Mary! May you continue to soar!” — My 5th grade teacher via Facebook (the only way we’ve communicated since I last saw her in 2005)

You can read the entire interview here. Thanks for the feature, Voyage Chicago!

++ Mary K

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