Interview Feature: How Chicago Locals Make Nutrition Happen

How Chicago Locals Make Nutrition Happen: Mary Kesinger, Author of Run My World

Shockingly enough, some of my greatest friendships have originated through social media. Whether through mutual friends or a mutual interests, sometimes social media actually does its job in connecting people that may not have met otherwise.

I started following May Zhu (@nutritionhappens) a couple years ago after seeing she was friends with a college classmate, Addie Martinovic (@chickpeainthecity). Last summer, May and I both wanted to try Chill, the new meditation studio in River North, so we arranged a date like I would any other workout. Your vibes really do attract your tribe, and we’ve been friends ever since.

May is one of those friends that I love co-working with. At a cute coffee shop, we strike the perfect balance of inspiring conversations, individual hustle, and appreciation of delicious food and drinks. Not only is she a registered dietitian, but also has her MBA. She’s changing the way people discuss food with her personal blog and Instagram, Nutrition Happens:

A space dedicated to show how the best lifestyle is one where being a health lover and food lover are all inclusive. I’m a firm believer that nutrition happens when you learn to respect yourself by nourishing it in all aspects of life – mind, body and soul.

Isn’t she the coolest? She’s also super humble and gracious, which is not a common combination when you’re that brilliant and driven. I’m so grateful to have her in my life!

Anyway, she interviewed little ol’ me for her blog on How Chicago Locals Make Nutrition Happen. I’m still not sure how I’ve lived in Chicago for 6 years now, but I guess that makes me a local? I’ll take it!


Most people realize by now that I’m an anti-diet kinda person. I’m all about intuitive eating, fueling your body and your soul equally. Nutrition looks different on everyone, and it’s all about finding your own fit. Otherwise, you’re going to have a toxic relationship with food and life’s too damn short to be afraid of the most delicious things in life. I also literally wrote a book on it, in case you forgot.

Check out the blog post, check out her site, and let me know how I can find Kaya toast in Chicago. I’m about to fly back out to LA if not Singapore to get me some.


++ Mary K

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