7 Books on Mary K’s Summer 2018 Reading List

Every season, I’ll post a new reading list. Not only is it great for sending friends recommendations, it also keeps me accountable to read the books I want to read.

But first, have you ordered my book yet? Have you written a review? Let me know when you do and I’ll send you a personalized horoscope. Like, I’ll tell you what workout you should do this month to fulfill your wildest dreams. It’ll be worth it — I promise.

Here’s most of what I read this spring, and my favorites were:

The Power of Now // Eckhart Tolle

Everyone was telling me to read it, and I’m so glad I did. For those who struggle with anxiety and living in the present (aka almost everyone these days) then this will be perfect to read over and over again.

Mistakes I Made at Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect On What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong // Jessica Bacal

For high-achieving go-getters, it’s really hard to admit your mistakes sometimes. We may internalize our mistakes beyond reason, but we try not to let anyone see it. This book shares the stories of many successful women and their early eff-ups. Each story was short and sweet, so it was perfect for reading on commutes.

This summer, you can find me reading:

Crazy Rich Asians // Kevin Kwan

I know — I’m really late to the game here.

The Last Mrs. Parrish // Liv Constantine

I’ve been really struggling to find fiction that captivates me, so I’m looking forward to this thriller that everyone’s raving about!

Worlds from the Word’s End // Joanna Walsh

Apparently, she has a very interesting style of writing… It’s very short and should be a different kind of fictional read.

You Think It, I’ll Say It // Curtis Sittenfield

This book is all about characterization, explaining the past struggles that act as heavy anchors to grown ass adults. “Each story is a reckoning with the vestiges of their former selves, though those selves may be invisible behind their successful adult personas.” Wait, I’m not the only one that still hates a certain name just because it belonged to the meanest girl in high school? I need it all.

My Year of Rest and Relaxation // Ottessa Moshfegh

The narrator lives a perfectly glamorous life but hates it, so she spends a year alienating herself from the world. People wanted to do this before social media? Oh, sweetie. 2000 was nothing.

We Are Never Meeting In Real Life // Samantha Irby

People keep telling me to listen to the “Bitches Gotta Eat” podcast, so I’m excited to read this book. I love people who also make jokes about their fucked up lives and crazy stories.

Sophia of Silicon Valley // Anna Yen

Girl problems in the boys club of tech. Need I say more?

As always, I never actually buy these books. I check them out from my local library. If I like it, then I’ll put a ring on it. No need to commit prematurely! 

What are you reading this summer? Lemme know!


++ Mary K

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