Rooftop Racing with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

Running your world doesn’t always mean literally running. Being #inCHAARG of your life and doing more of what makes you feel most alive (often living #aSweatLife) can manifest itself in many ways.

Still, I’ve learned to love running. Sometimes, I’ll enjoy a long run along the lake simply because I CAN (and because trap music, duh). Other times, I’ll sprint 800m through a rooftop parking garage simply because I CAN. With a community like Nike Chicago cheering you on along the way, how could you not feel alive?


A couple weeks ago, I did exactly that. It was so fun to see all my friends from the Nike Running Club days, cheer them on, and do what we love — run!

Nike Race 002Nike-006

Nike’s Zoom Pegasus are my go-to running shoe: perfect for runners with high arches that like stability, but still some lightweight freedom (what does this say about the rest of my life? hm idk!!!). I’m usually a black and white kinda chick, but I’m diggin’ my pair of baby pink. It’s the perfect pop of color that’s still neutral.


Also, Nike perfectly captured my two main moods:

  1. Eagerly enthusastic
  2. Sweaty, tired, and clearing notifications even though I SWORE I turned them all of (seriously… I’ve tried to remove most of them but there are always more!)

Nike-003Nike Race 002

I’ll be at the next race on Thursday, August 30 and hope to see you there! Registration doesn’t open ’til the Sunday before, and they won’t release the location ’til the day before. They take ~underground~ to the next level.

Keep running your world — literally and figuratively!


++ Mary K

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