Dancing Onstage with Ludacris at Propel Co:Labs, the Ultimate Fitness Festival

I’m always down for any festival, but throw fitness in there and I’m so in. Propel Co:Labs brought together many of my favorite Chicago trainers and also introduced Nicole Winhoffer (LA trainer and my Instagram crush) with a live performance by Ludacris. I never anticipated how the day would end, but it exceeded all my expectations.

Located in Revel Fulton Market, a gorgeous venue on the West Side of Chicago, there were three studios/areas for classes all day long. The main studio housed the higher intensity classes, the secondary studio held the low-impact classes and meditations, and there was an outdoor stretch lab. Once you checked in, you could come and go as you pleased for the duration of the entire day.

I came at 10 and stayed until 6, and I never once got bored. Of course, it helps when #everythingisbetterwithfriends — thanks aSweatLife!


I started my day with a class led by Barry’s Bootcamp Kate Lemere and the girls of MaZi Dance Fitness. We alternated between resistance band work with Kate to burn out our muscles and fun dance cardio. The place was packed and we got sweaty really quickly!

Afterward, I hopped into a meditation specific for insight from CHILL. With noise-canceling headphones, we were able to quiet our minds and really listen to our bodies.

I took many pictures with friends, and we got our hair done at the braid bar. Mine looked seriously idiotic and I knew I could do better braids on my own, so I took them out. Thanks anyway!

The food was overly priced in my opinion with limited options from Freshii, Graze, and Kitchfix. There was an abundance of free Propel, but no free food? I’m glad I brought my own snacks per usual.

I took SWEAT and On Your Mark’s combined class with many of my favorite trainers and colleagues before I took a Gatorade sweat test. I had to ride on a Peloton bike for 45 minutes with test pads on my arms to gauge my levels of sweat. Well, my iPad wasn’t working so I really didn’t get the Peloton workout actually. But, I did see Ludacris walk by, so that was more exciting anyway. I received my results, and apparently I had 0% dehydration — I knew exactly how much water (Propel) my body needed throughout the workout to keep me hydrated. Also, I have very minimal salt in my sweat. See, I don’t sweat — I sparkle!


We had to line up for the Nicole Winhoffer x Ludacris class. There were some young girls dressed in denim booty shorts like they were going to Lolla. Oh honey, you didn’t see it was a fitness festival? This is so awkward.

Everyone was HYPED. Most people had no idea what Nicole Winhoffer taught, but they were just ready for Ludacris. Can you blame them?

Nicole’s class is dance-based, but very different from WERQ or Zumba. I love it personally — much more my jam. Ludacris rapping live and on the fly and just rolling with it? SO MUCH FUN.

Nicole kept calling people onstage with her, so I kept creeping closer. I spent 10 years of my childhood being a front row diva at dance conventions around the country. I knew how this worked, and my awkward, white ass was going onstage.

When “Move Bitch” came on, Nicole pulled me up and I did not hesitate for a moment. I’m glad I didn’t, because it was the last song! I had soooo much fun dancing onstage. Now, I can say I closed out a show for Ludacris. How ludacris, amirite???? You can watch the whole video on Twitter..


Thanks, Propel and aSweatLife for an amazing event! Follow aSweatLife to stay posted on the latest and greatest fitness events in the city. Interested in bringing aSweatLife to your city? Subscribe to their email list to know when you can apply to be an ambassador! I’ve been an ambassador for 2 years and love it. Send any questions my way!


++ Mary K

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