Birth Chart Readings and Embracing the *Woo Woo* of Astrology

This year, one of my intentions is curiosity. As I’ve been exploring astrology and spirituality, I had a birth chart reading with The Modern Astrologer. I highly recommend her, and I recommend checking out her CHAARG blog post about utilizing a birth chart.

I’ll do my best to give an overview for those interested while sharing my personal reflections so you have an example of what I gained from this experience as a natural skeptic with an overactive imagination.


People often claim that astrology is a *woo woo* personality test, but it’s really a multi-layered interpretation for how people can align with the universe individually. If nothing else, it’s a mental model to not only be more self-aware but also to lean into your own energy, as well as protect it.

Your birth chart depends on the time and location you were born, and it can share a lot of insight into your own personal tendencies. When you’re aligned with yourself, you can better align with your goals and personal fulfillment. And who doesn’t want that?


You can get a birth chart anywhere online fo’ free, but the interpretations can vary. All you need is your exact birth time and location. Online, you might get a more surface-level explanation. With a person, even if they don’t know you, they can one-on-one share insights on your highly personalized birth chart.

I also recommend the app Co–Star for fairly detailed readings and daily advice. You can add your friends and see how you align with one another.

Okay, so what is it?

First of all, you should know you have more than one astrology sign. The sign you’re most familiar with is your “sun sign.” In total, you have five main signs you should be aware of:

  1. Rising Sign — how others perceive you upon first impression
  2. Sun Sign — how others perceive you as a familiar friend
  3. Moon Sign — how others perceive you as an intimate partner or loved one; your subconscious
  4. Mercury Sign — how you communicate and learn
  5. Venus Sign — how you love others and yourself

The universe includes more than those five planets, but those are most often highlighted. The location of each planet the minute you were born determines a lot about you and where they are in different houses.

Okay okay, I’ll give you my personal examples now before you start thinking about Harry Potter houses. Obviously I’m an open book, and I personally find it easier to understand a concept through a story.

Rising Sign = Leo (in the 1st house)

Upon first impression, I’m very friendly, energetic, confident, and magnetic. The first house means it’s just my external approach to life.

Sun Sign = Aquarius (in the 7th house)

Once I let my guard down, people realize I’m very quirky, creative, thoughtful, emotional, and humanitarian. The 7th house means that this is focused around relationships, marriage, and business partnerships. That being said, I gravitate towards fewer, deeper relationships, and I like working closely with partners and small teams. My identity is formed by partnerships, but self-awareness will help me strengthen those relationships with others. #SELFLOVE

Moon Sign = Pisces (in the 8th house)

Once I reveal my true self to those few close relationships, I’m helllaaaa emotional, sensitive, intuitive, and imaginative. The 8th house entails intimacy, sex, shared finances, loans, inheritances, depth, and mystery. Fun fact: I was due on Valentine’s Day, but I was born three days early. My past-life karma showed me absolutely zero mercy. Hubba hubba!

Mercury Sign = Pisces (in the 8th house)

See above. I learn and communicate through emotions, imagination, intimacy, and mystery. Woof.

Venus Sign = Aquarius (in the 7th house)

See above. You guys. This is A LOT of emotional intensity. I apparently require lovers to be just as quirky, inventive, smart, and compassionate as me. Lauren suggested I date older men with ~CEO vibes~ to match my own (aw thx Lauren!!!). K, noted. I’ll update my Bumble filters now!

I also have my Mars and Saturn clustered around these emotional af houses. This means that yes, emotions are very important to me and so are partners. This is especially important to know for when my Saturn returns.

Saturn Returns

Around the ages of 27-33, Saturn returns from a full rotation. This is typically a transformative experience for anyone when you grow tf up, but it’s especially important with your karma. During this time, your Rising Sign becomes less apparent and you lean more into your true self. If you work through your past-life karma (of your Rising Sign) and do the inner healing work, you’ll benefit more during this transformation.

So personally, with Venus in conjunction with Saturn in Pisces of my 8th house, this means that if I work hard on my goals and self-love, I’ll reap great benefits with love and money once my Saturn returns. Until then, though, bitch betta werk!! (But, I would shoot for this anyway soooo…)

Although it’s reassuring that ending toxic (or even blah) relationships should be a priority with #BOUNDARIES2019, it’s not that surprising I’m super emotional. I cry more than anyone else I’ve ever met. What else does my birth chart tell me?

Other Planets

My Pluto and Northnode overlap in the 4th house of Scorpio (my Jupiter is also nearby), which apparently is really rare and means I’ll go throughout many transformative, karmic experiences in my life, even already from my intense childhood and younger self. Ugh. BUT I will use all that to share my story and connect with others to help them. Likely in more books, of course.

My Neptune and Uranus are in the 6th house of Capricorn. The 6th house is all about routine, health, fitness, and organization, so this means I’m a creature of habit that needs activity to feel grounded and rejuvenated. Not shocking.

MC-IC Axis

This is how the angles intersect and align in your birth chart. Your MC is a high point, and your IC is a low point. These explain how you interact with the world.

My MC is in Aries, which means that I’m an independent leader that’s also competitive. So how is a Slytherin like me so freaking emotional? This is how.

My IC is in Libra, which means that I was a quiet, peacemaker growing up who always wants a harmonious home life. This explains a lot of my perfectionist, people-pleasing tendencies as a child that I’m still working on.


Lauren also shared where the planets currently are and how I can use them to my advantage. When I met with her, Mercury was recently out of retrograde, but she warned me to never again break up with someone during Mercury retrograde unless I want them to re-enter my life again in a few months. Awesome. Fuck me, but lessons learned???

With the new moon in my 9th house on April 6, she encouraged me to keep writing and to be aware that the beginning of April will be important times for my work and career. Update: in those three short days that she highlighted, I went on a last-minute work trip with a huge client, and I also received four (4) rejection emails from job interviews. You win some, you lose some!

Everything Else

Lauren shared a bunch of other stuff about my life without ever meeting me before, and it felt sort of like a therapy session. It told me a lot of things I knew already but made sense of them into a mental model. My other intention for the year is boundaries, and she encouraged me to definitely set more boundaries as a highly sensitive, intuitive person. I have strong energy that needs to be protected to use it in fulfilling ways, and now is the time for me to “work” on myself.

Because I am so empathetic, it’s easy for me to take on the emotions of those around me. That being said, I attract the crazies because they know they can offload all their feelings onto me. If I want to maintain positive energy, I need to keep my distance from those types of people.

Instead of trying to hide and deny that I’m an emotional person, I need to love myself for it. If anyone says I’m too emotional, it’s because they don’t realize it’s my superpower. If anyone doesn’t like my emotional intensity or how I protect it, they’re not my people. #BOUNDARIES2019

She also said I’m incredibly intuitive and could likely have psychic tendencies, which I could either use for good with empathy or for bad with manipulation… whoops! So if you want me to help you read your birth chart, I can practice with you. I accept compensation in the form of food or student loan payments.

I’ll keep being more aware of the different planets in transit, and I’m definitely going to continue with therapy to work on self-love and my inner child. Lauren also offers regular check-ins for more guidance to my specific birth chart. I also recommend listening her CHAARG podcast episode as well as the Caffeinated Gypsy podcast to learn more about current astrology.

If you’re curious, I encourage you to explore your own birth chart and find your own alignment, no matter what method you choose. LMK what you think and if you have any other questions!



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