Human Design Reading and Understanding my BodyGraph

Pursuing a 2019 intention of curiosity, I’ve been researching Human Design as another means of self-awareness. Earlier this year, I met Lauren (@themodernastrologer) for a birth chart reading to learn about myself through the lens of astrology. Recently, I met with her again for a Human Design chart reading, and of course, I have to share.

What is Human Design?

Goop said it best — think of it like Myers-Briggs meets astrology. It’s all based on your birth chart, but it provides a super in-depth look at how to live your life based on astrology, I Ching principles, Kabbalah, and chakras combined with modern science.

(PSA: Myers-Briggs, enneagrams, and all your favorite personality quizzes are based on astrology. They’re just made more simple for the masses, ya basic bishes!)

While it uses elements and learnings from the last thousands of years, Human Design was “invented” by a guy in the ‘80s when it came to him through meditation. I know, hella woo woo. Think of it as an interpretation of what’s existed for a long, long, long time already.

No BodyGraph is wrong or right — they’re like maps to live your most authentic life. Everyone is unique and so multi-faceted!

If you’re super self-aware, you may never need a “map” to live your best life. If you’re like the rest of us peasants tryna get our shit together, it can definitely help.

As a curious high-achiever, I’m obviously down to explore more ways to live my truth. There are obviously a ton of components, so I’ll share most of what Lauren reviewed with me.

Since Human Design is so detailed and individual, I want to emphasize that this is my personal BodyGraph. Hopefully by sharing my reading with my own personal insight, it may inspire you to explore your own Human Design. With so many mixed messages in self-help already, it’s important to remember that everyone is different.

My Type – Manifesting Generator

Based on my BodyGraph, my personal type is a manifesting generator. Other types include manifestors, generators, projectors, and reflectors. This type summarizes your intended strategy to life.

“Manifesting” — the gentrified word glorified/exploited by spiritual gangsters of your favorite boutique yoga studio — is not one size fits all. Different methods work for different people, and it’s all about practicing your personal strengths (and recognizing your own privilege… but I digress).

Most people in the world are generators, but I have a hint of manifestor in me. These types have a lot of stamina… as long as we do things that energize us, not drain us. If I try to make things happen like a manifestor, I’ll get annoyed because shit won’t happen.

Although I may #RunMyWorld, being a manifesting generator means that I need to be open to opportunities and focus on reacting. I need to be very clear who I am and just respond to the universe. LE SIGH. Most of my Human Design reading “made sense” to me, but this idea is going to take time for me to practice. As a go-getter, it’s so hard to sit back and not initiate. 

Lauren reminds me it will take practice to ~lean back~, but the more I do the personal work, the more magnetic I will be for the right opportunities.

It makes sense — in the last ten years of employment, I’ve never been hired directly because I applied for a job or used a connection. The interviews and networking have definitely helped me discover my true goals, but job opportunities historically have kinda fallen in my lap because people hear about my work and want to hire me.

As I’ve been on a serious job hunt this last year, I need to keep this in mind! While I still work my ass off and work out loud, aggressively chasing down opportunities has never gotten me anywhere.

Emotional Authority

The most important part of my BodyGraph is that my solar plexus is defined, meaning that my emotions take authority over everything. SHOCKER! I’m emotional af.

Lauren wrote in caps: “NEVER MAKE DECISIONS WHEN YOU’RE IN YOUR FEELINGS.” K, got it! 

I’ve realized over the last couple years and especially through my astrological birth chart (Pisces moon in the 8th house WOOF) that my emotions are my superpower. It freaks a lot of people out, but it’s also something that most people wish they had. 

I feel the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. And I cry. A lot. You get used to it.

I think it’s interesting that Human Design was invented as an approach to raising children. If you know your child’s BodyGraph, you can appreciate their individuality and help them grow into their own power. Call it woo woo all you want, yet during my reading, I couldn’t help but think how different my life would be if as a child, I had been permitted to be my emotional self.

I was taught that emotions were a weakness and made me a “baby.” As a stubborn, high-achiever, even as a child, I was ashamed of my tears. It’s taken me many years to embrace my sensitivities, but I know the struggles have all been a part of my journey (see below for my Channels!).

It’s also reassuring that Emotional Authority is one of the most common authorities. While most people let their emotions guide their decision making, we’re so conditioned to stifling those emotions. Maybe my emotional ass self is supposed to be a leader in embracing those feels!


So with your chakras, they’re either defined or open. If they’re defined, they define you and are a part of your identity. If they’re open, you moreso absorb others’ and need to recognize what energy is yours and what belongs to others.

My defined are: sacral, G center, throat, spleen, solar plexus, and root. They’re sometimes connected through Channels, and they mainly mean that I have a strong identity, a strong voice, and a strong intuition. Like I said, since my solar plexus is defined, this is dominant.

With a defined throat, I’m a clear communicator. Duh. I write and speak, and most of my paid (and unpaid) work that I enjoy is through communications.

With a defined G center, I have a strong identity. I know who I am, and I may be stubborn about my identity, but that’s a part of my strength. (I just need to be wary of my people-pleasing tendencies!)

With a defined sacral chakra, spleen, and root, these provide me very strong intuition and gut feelings. I have an incredibly strong moral compass, and once I get past my emotions (cry it out, laugh it out), then I can trust my gut and act quickly. 

Open Center

My open centers are head, anja, and heart. With an open head, if I take too many people’s advice, I’ll start to convince myself I “should” do things that don’t feel right in my gut. I start to listen to others’ rationale versus listening to my own truth.

If I’ve learned anything in my 25 years on earth, it’s that I’m better off forging my own path. It may not make sense to others, but when I ignore what I “should” do, I end up happier and more successful.


Your profile is part of your “geometry” with two numbers: the first is your conscious personality and the second is the unconscious personality. My profile is 5/1 — the “heretic investigator.” The 5 in my conscious personality makes me magnetic, but often with other people’s projections.

This explains why so I get so many people saying (often through lovely DMs), “I love your energy! Can we please hang out one-on-one?!” My ego is stroked and while I’m flattered, I often find their expectations don’t match who I actually am. I used to think, “Wow, what am I saying or doing that’s giving off the wrong message?!” But, I know I have a strong voice. That’s not the issue. I need to realize that their perception is their own personal projection, and that’s on them. I can’t get bogged down by other people’s opinions.

The 1 as my unconscious personality is why I’m always reading, studying, observing, and learning. I’ve always done this without trying because it’s just how I am.

Together, the 5/1 makes me a “visionary” with supposedly very high potential. Alright lol. However, as I’ve known through the Pluto in my birth chart, I’m susceptible to many cycles of karma. To constantly grow, I’ll be met with many challenges throughout my life. With those struggles, I solidify my true identity and use my voice to help inspire others.


That being said, the way your chakras all connect say a lot about your living styles. If they’re connected, they can be with a red or black line, and they may or may not be complete.

My main channels are:

8-1: Channel of Inspiration. This channel connects my G center to my throat, making me a creative role model. I am recognized for my individuality and ability to express myself and lead by example.

49-19: Channel of Synthesis (aka Sensitivity). Connecting my root center to my solar plexus, I’ll always be torn between wanting to be needed + give support and needing others + wanting to receive support. Finding that balance (with friends, family, and partners) will be key to my happiness. However, Lauren still thinks I should get a pet as an outlet for that, and because I would probs be a great dog mom. If you know of someone who has a hypoallergenic dog that believes they’re actually hypoallergenic, HMU!

20-34: Channel of Charisma. Connecting my sacral center to my throat, I need to learn to wait to respond. I need to give my energy to only what I love. Once I find what I love, I need to be selfish and unavailable to others so I can immerse myself. This is probably why I sometimes go MIA for a couple weeks or months to focus on my creative projects. Although this might bug other people, I need to trust that it’s my calling and it’s okay to focus my time on myself!

28-38: Channel of Struggle (and Stubbornness). Connecting my root to spleen, the key to this channel is knowing how to struggle and which struggles are worth it. I have the ability to overcome massive setbacks, but it’s only worthwhile if they’re connected to my deeper life’s purpose. Of course, I’ll only know that if I’m listening to every other part of my energy and intuition. Lauren wrote, “This gives empowerment to others by example.” Hello, #RunMyWorld?! Also, she said that working out is important for this channel to release excess energy. Preach.

WHEW. That’s only a brief summary of what we talked about for two hours. If you’re interested, you can contact Lauren (@themodernastrologer) for a reading. My dear friend Katie (@namaskayyy) also does Human Design readings. I highly recommend either, but probably after reading your birth chart first. If that doesn’t fit into your budget, I recommend exploring online research or using apps like Co Star, the Pattern, and Sanctuary. Researching it on your own is part of the journey to self-awareness.

Thoughts? Questions? As always, let me know. I love nerding out over this stuff, and I truly believe that the more self-aware we all are, the better people we can be as we live our authentic truths.

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