Aura Photograph and Reading from Revealing Soul

With one of my 2019 intentions of curiosity, the third chapter in my “woo-woo exploration” this year was an aura photograph and reading by Cindy Luffred (@revealingsoul). I was invited to an event at Chicago’s new goop MRKT, and when I saw Cindy was there, I had to finally experience this aura thing.

Cindy is a medium, intuitive, and healer. I’ve had many friends praise her, but I’ll admit, I was a skeptic. I liked astrology and human design because it is open to interpretation. There are concrete facts about your birth chart and body graph, but there are layers to be interpreted by the reader. 

An aura photo visualizes your past, your present, and your future. From a seemingly colorful photo, Cindy can then read it and provide insight as to what that means.

So, I stood in line at the goop MRKT, sipping champagne and perusing goop’s products with everything from clothes to decor to all-natural lube and vibrators that are extremely expensive. When it was my turn, I sat on the couch with my palms on something that can apparently read my energy. I didn’t smile. The photo took a couple of minutes to develop, and the back included a cheat sheet of what each color means.

Cindy somehow read me like a book, and I tried to listen to every detail she was firing at me. The left is the past, the center is the present, and the right is the incoming. 

My photo was mostly yellow which means transformation and “encourages you to go with the flow more; emotional balance is important, and I should trust my gut.”

Yup and yup, working on it and it’s good to know that changes will keep coming in the new year.

On the right, there is a tad of orange, which means I’m a “very creative individual; solution-oriented and good at problem solving; may need more work/life balance.”

Yup and yup. I recently started a new job that isn’t as creative as my last, but there is way better work/life balance. I’m still figuring out how to be my creative self while maintaining balance.

The center is purple, which means I’m very intuitive and have powerful healing energy. This was revealed in my astrology and human design readings earlier this year (and I already knew, but didn’t feel confident thinking it).

There is a touch of green, which represents abundance and money. Okay, is it coming soon then or….? 

Lastly, there is a hint of pink coming in on the right. She asked if I was dating anyone, and she said I shouldn’t overlook any possible love interests. While they may not be my life soulmate, they are still important. That’s the last thing you should tell a hopeless romantic, but I’ll take it anyway.

I was very skeptic about a medium, but she seemed to pick up on so much about my life — we’ve never met before and she had no idea I would be there. As with everything woo-woo, I enjoy the affirmation that I should trust my gut and trust that I’m going to keep moving forward by “doing the work” and figuring my own shit out. Woo-woo is bit of a fun break from therapy and psychiatrists 🙂

I recommend finding Cindy at a Chicago event or booking her for a private reading. She also offers channeling and other services as a medium. I’ve heard it’s also cool to get another aura reading in a few months to see how things have changed. Maybe that green splotch will get bigger…? Stay tuned!

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