How to Cope with Disordered Eating During Social Distancing

With the COVID-19 pandemic rattling the world, most of us have been suddenly forced to practice social distancing and stay in with only ourselves, our thoughts, and of course, social media. For anyone struggling with addiction, self-isolation can be especially triggering, and disordered eating might be exacerbated during this time.

Think of it like how the holidays can be triggering for those with eating disorders – except instead of the most wonderful time of the year, it’s a global crisis. In a time where anxiety and unease are just as contagious as the virus, it is human nature to turn to things we can control when the world outside feels out of control.

Read the rest of this blog post on aSweatLife.com.

I’ve been involved with aSweatLife since 2016, and I’ve loved their mission to connect people around a central passion for fitness and fun. Much of their organization is around events, and like all in the fitness industry, times are weird and tough!

They’re hosting awesome digital workouts each week, and they have a curated calendar of other friends teaching live as well. Although they are technically Free.99, I strongly encourage you to Venmo the trainer $5-10!

They also offer great workshops for topics such as doodling, DIY spa products, resume revamping, and crystals — all virtual!

Above all, be kind to yourself and others. #Everythingisbetterwithfriends!

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