Teach Me How to TikTok – on the Content for Another Day Podcast

As someone who has been shamelessly posting cringe dance videos since the beginning of YouTube as a young teen, I fully embraced TikTok much sooner than my twenty-something peers. TikTok is a video editing app in the form of social media, and ICYMI, it’s having a moment.

I personally don’t think it’s a fad because the algorithm is one of its best features (and the most controversial). And, it seems to have learned from Snapchat and Instagram’s mistakes by integrating paid media almost seamlessly with the algorithm.

As a guest on the Content for Another Day Podcast, I discuss all things TikTok, from the algorithm, data, virality, and advertising. You’ll also hear one of my most embarrassing stories and why I hope handshakes never make a comeback, as well as my take on conspiracy theories.

If you missed my Zoom workshop with aSweatLife on “Teach Me How to TikTok”, I’m happy to email you my Beginner’s Guide for creating content. Shoot me a DM and I’ll send it your way so you can learn how to throw it back (jk, I still can’t get my body to do that).

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