The American Dream: Workaholism and its Externalities

Every Tuesday night, I come home from a 12-hour workday,¬†feeling politically charged at 9pm. My International Marketing course is my favorite way to spend 3 hours, but it is also the most challenging for me. I suffer through extreme inner turmoil as I toss and turn over the externalities resulting from globalization. Tonight, after watching… Continue reading The American Dream: Workaholism and its Externalities

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Wanderlust: Overcoming nostalgia with inertia

A recent, subtle trend has been being present in the moment. With the ever-growing presence of technology, it has become easier to not fully be there. Our minds are constantly preoccupied, and we lack the ability to fully appreciate the moment we are in. We are either preparing for the future or longing for the… Continue reading Wanderlust: Overcoming nostalgia with inertia

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Ciampini’s Cultural Dimensions

Most of Hofstede's five cultural dimensions were evident in Ciampini's environment. These affirm the typical Italian culture in one of the most vital parts of an Italian's diet: gelato! Power Distance Power distance often varies between gelaterias. Many place their servers several feet higher than the customers. This creates a strong power distance between the… Continue reading Ciampini’s Cultural Dimensions