[solidcore]: The Best New Burn in River North

Even as a fitness trainer, I am always seeking out the best classes. [solidcore] is the newest Pilates studio that has recently opened in River North. Founded in 2013, there are already 29 studios across the country. Even though I love my heavy weights, [solidcore] is one of the hardest workouts I’ve done in a while. It is humbling, but so energizing!

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Sweatworking Week: Sweating My Way Through Chicago

Since my first group fitness class freshman year four years ago, I have been in love with group fitness. For four years, I taught so many classes that I seldom had time to try others. This past year, since working at ENRGi Fitness and becoming involved with Nike Training Club, I began trying out new… Continue reading Sweatworking Week: Sweating My Way Through Chicago