Rape Culture Will Not Trump All

I've been very much against Trump since day one. I will never support someone who is a bigot, racist, or predator -- regardless of party or policies. What’s really irked me during the last few of weeks of the election coverage is the widespread rape culture. Regarding Trump’s “locker room talk” or his sexual assault victims,… Continue reading Rape Culture Will Not Trump All


2 Reasons I Never Want To Be Content

No one ever wants to settle. Settling implies that you are one peg below your potential. Things could be a little better. However, it seems like as we get older, more people are satisfied with being content. Content is feeling comfortable and at ease. While all is dandy, I never want to be content. Content leads… Continue reading 2 Reasons I Never Want To Be Content


My journey through ED, TBD

My eating disorder developed very subtly and took me a couple years to even detect. Counting calories is inevitably disastrous for a perfectionist, and all of the health crazes led me to develop orthorexia. I wasn't starving myself and I wasn't purging, but I was obsessing over healthy foods. Those who haven't struggled with disordered eating… Continue reading My journey through ED, TBD


The True Empowerment of Fitness

You always hear why you should improve your fitness. For your health, for your stress, for your body image, for your life. Exercising and eating well can empower you. However, when does physical empowerment become mental empowerment? Anything in excess can lead to negative consequences. Too much fitness can actually be unhealthy. Media publicizes some… Continue reading The True Empowerment of Fitness

Educate, Empower

Fitness brand campaigns push to new standards

As a marketing student, I am always paying attention to how brands advertise themselves. As a fitness fanatic, I am especially aware of the brand messages sent out by my favorite companies. Brands are no longer trying to just sell their products. They are trying to form relationships with consumers based on values to build… Continue reading Fitness brand campaigns push to new standards


Health Should Not Require Wealth

In my first year not eating every meal at the dining hall, I have been doing more grocery shopping. Granted, I only have a microwave and a mini fridge as well as very limited disposable income, so my options are limited. I am slowly learning the stores with the best deals (cough Trader Joe’s cough),… Continue reading Health Should Not Require Wealth