The Italian Metaphor in Gelato

Although Ciampini is the atypical gelateria, it still represents the Italian metaphor. No, it does not show off big heaping mounds of flavorful gelato to attract customers with its goodies, but it does portray common Italian culture in an understated way. Overture   Ciampini offers not one, but two dramatic entrances into the cafe. The… Continue reading The Italian Metaphor in Gelato

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Ciampini’s Cultural Dimensions

Most of Hofstede's five cultural dimensions were evident in Ciampini's environment. These affirm the typical Italian culture in one of the most vital parts of an Italian's diet: gelato! Power Distance Power distance often varies between gelaterias. Many place their servers several feet higher than the customers. This creates a strong power distance between the… Continue reading Ciampini’s Cultural Dimensions


Gelato’s illusion of simplicity

Italians often use pageantry and great visual displays to promote products. Typical gelaterias boast bright colors and heaping mounds of gelato through windows to attract customers. Not Ciampini. Storage Ciampini stores its gelato in metal bins behind a bar. Keeping the gelato closed keeps it as fresh as possible. These bins are also easy to… Continue reading Gelato’s illusion of simplicity


Ciampini: Gelato for the Italian Professional

Gelaterias are all over Rome. One might argue that there are more gelaterias in Rome than there are Starbucks in an American city. However, there is no monopoly over gelato brands in Rome. So how does one decide which gelateria to try? Some basic advice I've heard is to not eat the gelato that looks… Continue reading Ciampini: Gelato for the Italian Professional