Last solo adventure of 2015: New Orleans

It's my senior year winter break - this is my last month off of life before entering the real world (this was before I decided to attend grad school). I was not about to spend my last month at home doing nothing. I tried recruiting any and all of my friends and family to travel… Continue reading Last solo adventure of 2015: New Orleans


6 Reasons To Travel Solo

While studying abroad, lunchtime conversations were about weekend plans. Not about where the best parties would be or which clubs we should go to, but about where we would travel. With three-day weekends every weekend and travel around Europe being too easy, our options were unlimited. The downside of making so many great friends abroad… Continue reading 6 Reasons To Travel Solo


Weekend in Munich: Beer and castles

Arriving in Munich was weird. I've been having a lot of strong vibes lately, good and bad, and this was definitely a good one. Within just a few minutes in Munich, I already knew I loved it. Background info: I've loved the German language and culture since I began studying it in 7th grade. I… Continue reading Weekend in Munich: Beer and castles


Gelato’s illusion of simplicity

Italians often use pageantry and great visual displays to promote products. Typical gelaterias boast bright colors and heaping mounds of gelato through windows to attract customers. Not Ciampini. Storage Ciampini stores its gelato in metal bins behind a bar. Keeping the gelato closed keeps it as fresh as possible. These bins are also easy to… Continue reading Gelato’s illusion of simplicity


Week 2 at JFRC: The Pope, some clubs, and lots of gelato

Another week has passed in Roma, and I have no idea where the time has gone. Let me try to remember what I did this week so that I can believe it has actually been another week.  I think I must have spent Monday doing homework, because I can't recall anything exciting other than stopping… Continue reading Week 2 at JFRC: The Pope, some clubs, and lots of gelato