Run Your World: Kelly Nash

In February 2018, I self-published my first book, Run My World: How I Empowered Myself Through Fitness. It would not have been possible without the support of incredible friends, mentors, and role models, and now I’m highlighting some of the amazing people in my life that run their worlds. Empowered (wo)men empower (wo)men, so now… Continue reading Run Your World: Kelly Nash


An Abundant Vision for the Future of Work: Embracing Technology with Optimism

In the future, we'll be doing jobs we couldn't dream of. So, let's dream up our dream jobs.


All Our Wrongs Today: The Value of Love in Tech

When I heard about the book "All Our Wrongs Today," I knew I was going to love it. The protagonist is from the *future* we imagined with flying cars and Jetsons-worthy tech, but in 2016. He messes up his father's time traveling machine and ends up in *our 2016* and discovers it to be a… Continue reading All Our Wrongs Today: The Value of Love in Tech


Amazon Echo Show: The Newest Digital Assistant

The newest smart home assistant has been released from Amazon, and it features a screen. What's the difference between the Echo Show and a tablet or a small computer? Its opportunities. With the screen, the Show can include visual displays with its responses. Whether that's verbatim words to follow the response or a complementary image based on… Continue reading Amazon Echo Show: The Newest Digital Assistant