Lobster Rollin’ Through Boston

Social media gets a bad rep, but I’ve met many of my best friends via social media connections. Evanthia is another example of a friend I’ve gotten to know through CHAARG. We met a couple times in person and connected, but otherwise, much of our friendship is through text, Instagram, and Snapchat. Ev is from… Continue reading Lobster Rollin’ Through Boston


First Race of 2018: My Long Weekend in Phoenix

Earlier this fall, I was trying to plan a winter half marathon that would double as a weekend getaway from Chicago’s frigid winter. I should have planned it around the holidays had I known my work schedule, but MLK Jr. weekend was close enough and I was able to plan a trip to Phoenix for… Continue reading First Race of 2018: My Long Weekend in Phoenix


Last solo adventure of 2015: New Orleans

It's my senior year winter break - this is my last month off of life before entering the real world (this was before I decided to attend grad school). I was not about to spend my last month at home doing nothing. I tried recruiting any and all of my friends and family to travel… Continue reading Last solo adventure of 2015: New Orleans


6 Reasons To Travel Solo

While studying abroad, lunchtime conversations were about weekend plans. Not about where the best parties would be or which clubs we should go to, but about where we would travel. With three-day weekends every weekend and travel around Europe being too easy, our options were unlimited. The downside of making so many great friends abroad… Continue reading 6 Reasons To Travel Solo